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238 W. Chapman Avenue #201
Orange, CA 92866

Payment Depot is a subscription-based debit/credit card processing company which aims to "level the paying field" by offering small businesses with the same discounted processing fees that big businesses have enjoyed for years.

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Payment Depot is a company that is in a constant state of self-improvement. This is not only good for them; it’s also good for customers who have already enlisted its service. Their marketing strategies have become highly useful and transparent, which is good for all parties involved. This company is fairly responsive when it comes to complaints, aiming to remedy the problem swiftly for customers, which as you can probably guess if you’ve read any of the other reviews, is pretty rare to find in this industry. Is it that Payment Depot is so good at fielding complaints or is it that everyone else is just not cutting it? Let’s say for arguments sake that both possibilities are true, and that Payment Depot is just more cognizant of their relationships with customers. The pricing system for the provider is admirable as well. At some points, it seems a little too good to be true, but we’ll get to that a bit later in the review.

Some things that make Payment Depot a higher class of Merchant Account provider are obvious, but some are attributed to finer details. Like we said, the pricing structure is totally different than what we’ve become accustomed to. But I keep getting ahead of myself a bit; I promise we will get to the pricing. This company, in the grand scheme of things, is fairly new. It got its start back in mid-2013, and ever since has been building its reputation brick by brick, month by month. The only bad thing about the company being so wet behind the ears is, no one has a clear grasp of long-term customer satisfaction, so keep in mind the review is based on testimonial from customers who have been using the service for no more than 4 years. What’s more, Payment Depot has a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau. They for sure are partial to First Data as a processor, but keep in mind that your customer service and contract terms will be funneled through Payment Depot specifically. This is sort of a perfect storm of efficiency and a little two-for-one because you get the power and operability of a giant in First Data, and the exclusive care and support offered by Payment Depot.

Another major credit to Payment Depot’s service is its 90-day satisfaction guarantee merchants who are not please with their service within the first 90 days will be refunded their monthly account fees, this does not include interchange fees or transaction fees however. An interesting prospect, and a nice offer—giving you a piece of mind moving forward with the service. In terms of low sales volume business, there are a few cheaper options other than Payment Depot on the market. But let it be known that Payment Depot provides more than the standard tiered plan, and in a few cases performs better than standard interchange-plus plans.
For those businesses that experience higher-volume, Payment Depot could provide a significant amount in savings, that’s also considering some of the most competitive interchange-plus plans in existence. All around, high-volume, low-volume, Payment Depots yields savings, and that is why I rate it 9.5/10. You’ll understand why a little clearer by the end of the review, just buckle in.

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Here’s how the pricing breaks down for merchant’s of all sizes, information courtesy of the Payment Depot pricing tab—fully transparent and readily available.

$10,000 monthly max volume
$25 monthly fee (or $199/year, a $41 savings)
0% + $0.25 over intercharge
Comes with virtual terminal and a payments gateway, with auto-billing and vault service
Mid-Level for eCommerce
$40,000 monthly max volume
$49 monthly fee
0% + $0.15 over interchange
Comes with virtual terminal and a payments set for auto-billing and vault service, a nice touch
Upgraded gateway options included like Authorize.Net
$100,000 monthly max volume
$69 monthly fee
0% + $0.10 over interchange
Includes virtual terminal and a payments gateway, with recurring billing and vault service
Provides Smart card terminal
Upgraded gateway options included

Check out the full list of pricing options on the company website at your leisure for a couple more option not included here.

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Some of the awesome features Payment Depot offers include:

Next-day deposits, where “funds are deposited directly into your account within 24 to 48 hours.” Not a bad turnaround time at all. Free Gateway and Virtual Terminal is also a nice addition. It comes with the basic account, gives way to satisfactory functionality, including recurring payments and card info storage.

Terminal rentals are also very important. For the Enterprise plan, a free “smart” terminal rental is included in the account cost.

Upgraded payment gateway is also available, if you are looking to run an online store with a shopping cart or just need to integrate with a particular POS or billing system—some may just resolve to opt for the mid-level plan which includes advanced gateway options, of course with Authorize.Net, but also USAePay and First Data Global Gateway E4. Those are just to name a few.

On the whole, I highly recommend Payment Depot, especially for those of you expecting high-volume transactions. The ability to pay a flat fee for access to credit card processing is a Johnny on the spot in the payments industry. Also, merchants will enjoy the unique pricing model, fully accessible, fully transparent—no frills accepted. You know what you’re going to get, and that’s the name of the game.

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The easiest, point of least resistance in regards to Payment Depot’s features has to be choosing the appropriate plan for your business. It’s as straightforward as it can possibly be. Payment Depot makes it really clear through their unique limitations method which package you’ll likely want to subscribe to. This is not often the case so I have to commend Payment Depot for this, holding the client’s hand, and giving them sufficient insight into how their pricing models work.

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Payment Depot is proud to have a customer service team available 24/7 by phone or email. They also are well grounded in social media platforms and encourage users to reach out via these outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all accessible, and great ways to communicate with Payment Depot. This isn’t to say they’re social media aficionado’s, but in a world where so much of our days are spent using apps, it’s not a bad thing to delve into. The COO at Payment Depot is Randy Hayashi, and he has structured a number of friendly sightings on blogs and pages where customers have voiced their questions and concerns. He is very accommodating and very helpful, so you just might have your problem fixed from the source himself. This is something that makes my heart warm as a reviewer, seeing someone of high rank spread themselves across various mediums to do what needs to be done. During my research, seldom did I find a substantial claim calling for Payment Depot’s head regarding customer service. Therefore, I can only surmise that their customer service platforms are keeping customers happy. Or at least, happy enough to not flood blogs with hate mail.

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