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10 Fawcett Street, Suite 204
Cambridge, MA 02138

Fattmerchant, based in Orlando, Florida, offers flat rate payment technology solutions and simpler merchant services for all businesses.

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Fattmerchant is a relatively young company (having been established in 2014) but has been making an extraordinary mark in the world of merchant accounts. Also known as Sunshine Payment Services, LLC, Fattmerchant has their offerings straight up and clear to see. In fact, one of the main attributes of the company.

Fattmerchant seems to be keen on innovation in in the payments industry, introducing a virtual terminal that includes innovative aspects such as online reporting and analytics. You can also use them on your phone or tablet as the terminal is mobile-responsive.

Pros Cons
Non-contract service, month to month service charge. Payment structure is unclear when it comes to how your business falls into client pricing.
Extensive customer service offerings.  
Multiple industries catered to.  
Presence on social media.  
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The pricing structure might be the only area where Fattmerchant falters slightly. When viewing their payment chart, it can be a bit confusing to understand which should never be associated with merchant payment methods. However, should you come across any issues, Fattmerchant has a FAQ area to answer any questions you might have.

On the other hand, one of the better aspects of Fattmerchant’s pricing scheme is that they do have the option to create a specific pricing plan based on your needs. This speaks to the company’s ability to cater their services to your unique needs.

Monthly Fee Transaction Fee
$69/month 25¢+ Interchange fees per transaction
$79/month 15¢+ Interchange fees per transaction
$99/month 8¢+ Interchange fees per transaction
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With the additions of a blog page and a Frequently Asked Questions page, Fattmerchant takes furtive steps to being as forthcoming as possible. The company goes so far as to have a copy of their contract on the website for public viewing. Fattmerchant takes the initiative in explaining their process and pricing scheme to their potential clients.

Of course, most of the company’s interactions with their clients happen online, which eliminates the need for a physical middleman. However, this can lead to misunderstandings with the interface and the pricing that cannot be immediately explained by a live helper.

In terms of choice, you’ll be able to select from three monthly plans. Each plan has a flat fee paid to Fattmerchant without any markup. This means that the company does not make money off of your volume. With this form of payment system a business owner can save a substantial amount.

A unique feature to Fattmerchant is their monthly subscription format. Instead of offering a long term contract, businesses can acquire their services with no obligation to continue past their last paid month. This eliminates the possibility of being tethered to poor service or a negative experience.

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Fattmerchant offers payment options for many kinds of businesses, so it makes sense that their product integrates seamlessly with whatever services their clients use. There is a list of compatible services on their website that is not large, but it does cover a few well known names like Verifone and Quickbooks.

The pricing table is not final, as mentioned before. There are options to have a custom plan created for your business needs.
Fattmerchant also has a social media presence that makes them accessible to those who have Facebook, Twitter and similar services.
Fattmerchant’s website allows you to view how it interacts with each type of service that generally use it for payments.

Multiple industries are listed on the site.

  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Professional Services
  • Food + Beverage
  • Retail
  • Salon/Spa/Gym

The website also displays its available product offerings (available once you have selected the appropriate plan from Fattmerchant).

  • Mobile
  • Shopping Cart
  • Integrations (the existing services Fattmerchant works with)
  • Online (how to manage your business metrics)
  • Terminals
  • API
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Upon reviewing the comments left by verified consumers, it would seem that Fattmerchant has a great track record when it comes to keeping their customers happy. As of this post there was only one negative review (that Fattmerchant seemed to rectify).

With the ability to reach Fattmerchant through social media, you can receive support as soon as someone can reach you. On the company website you can look up a litany of articles and support pieces written to help you troubleshoot any issues you come up with. If all else fails you can always send an email or submit a request through the Fattmerchant support site, or you can call their contact line.

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