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10 Town Plaza Ste 162
Durango, CO 81301

Durango Merchant Services is a broker for multiple banks worldwide, we specialize in eCommerce, MoTo, and high risk merchant accounts!

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Sometimes you come across a company that at first glance, looks like a money-grabbing sinkhole for which to never toil with in regards to your business. But then you look closer, and you begin to understand the potential of the service and regret feeling that way in the first place. This is stemming from how Durango advertises itself as a haven for “high-risk” accounts. This is usually trouble from my experiences, but is an unfair bias to place on Durango. There are those, however, that seek out such high-risk accounts via shady practices in tandem with clients who often traffic in pyramid schemes, and other unsavory business practices that are often referred to as “high-risk.” Durango sets itself apart from that mess, and rises above as a legitimate processor. They derive their namesake from the city in Colorado, to put your mind at ease. The strange thing about Durango’s pursuit for high-risk merchants is the fact that most merchants don’t realize they’re high-risk until they are in the midst of shopping for a merchant account. They are rejected again and again, soon becoming more frustrated and desperate. At that point in the search, the merchants would be glad to have the services of just about anyone. Well this is when Durango is a lifesaver. The merchants who enter this mental pit fall often times sell themselves short just because they’ve been conditioned to think that just because their business is high-risk, they don’t deserve a trustworthy processor. If the business is honest, the business deserves an honorable partner. Durango is certainly that, and can deliver the kind of exceptional service you’ve come to expect from top processors. The rates for the service will depend on your business and the risk you present. It’s as simple as this: higher risk, higher rate. I mean, what did you expect though? Regardless the business you keep, Durango will treat you with respect, and act with integrity every step of the way. This service is obviously highly beneficial to those who have a high-risk business, but is also an appropriate option for merchants looking for a service they can trust, especially those toiling in e-commerce.

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Durango is actually one of those companies we’ve come across that do not disclose rates or fees upfront. But hold on, there’s a perfectly logical reason for this. When you take into account the various processors and business types, the numbers involved make it impossible to comprise a standardized pricing model. With this provider, your best bet is to give them a call and try and negotiate for the rate you’re gunning for. Durango will treat every business on a case-by-case basis, treating each one fairly and impartially. Again, as previously mentioned, if your business is high-risk, you can almost certainly expect to pay a higher rate in order secure Durango’s services. While on the phone negotiated with Durango, see if there’s a chance you can qualify for interchange-plus pricing, and get your early termination fee waived.

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Durango has got you covered with all the features you’d expect from a provider of such magnitude. Merchant accounts are conducted with an emphasis on high-risk and international business. They use about a dozen different processors from all over the world based on your particular set of requirements. Their check processing is another highlight, which includes a number of services to cut back on the chance of bounced checks, and more services to allow check acceptance via online or mobile. Equipment sales are another feature, and perhaps one that you weren’t expecting at all. Instead of trying to convince you to commit to an expensive and unnecessary lease, the provider fully discloses the cost of each and every credit card machine they offer and suggest you buy it outright, no strings attached. Their fraud protection services are another highlight. It includes Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, among other services. For high-risk merchants, fraud protection is of paramount importance. Durango also has an in-house gateway service that they’ll give you a pretty good deal on.

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Durango has a pretty simple format, everything from merchant accounts, gateway service, and equipment sales-they’ve got you covered. The ease of use for merchants in setting up the account is unparalleled, making it as good as it gets in regards to merchant account providers.

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As far as we can tell, Durango has generally positive reviews regarding their customer service and technical support. As you might have guessed, dealing with some of the higher-risk merchants can be a challenging task. Despite this, Durango has gotten rave reviews for its customer support efforts. This is a credit to the company on the whole, being able to field difficult questions that come up on a daily basis and meeting them head-on. By now, you might understand why we hold Durango is such favorable regard.

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