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1120 Lincoln St Ste 100
Denver, CO 80203
P2Binvestor is a crowdfunded receivables finance company operating an investment platform for small- and mid-sized businesses.

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A working capital provider, P2Binvestor (or P2Bi) allows small and middle sized companies to take out loans and lines of credit. They cater to businesses who solely (or mainly deal with other businesses). A relatively young company, it was founded in 2012.

When P2Bi first catered to customers, it only offered credit lines secured by invoices. Now credit lines can be secured by inventory as well. P2Bi also introduced the concept of the “Ex-Factor”, which eliminates the concept of traditional invoice factoring.

Pros Cons
Caters to a normally left out demographic in the business world. Young company lacking in critical or consumer acclaim.
Exceptional customer service. Strict qualification standards that can be difficult to meet.
Claims to put your business in front of important lenders. Lack of specific information on FAQ site.
Can help should you not qualify for a traditional bank loan.
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P2Bi’s payment structure is comparable to other online lenders with the exception of the revolving term length.

Borrowing Amount $250,000 - $500,000
Term Length 12 months (revolving)
Interest Rate Not mentioned on site
Origination Costs 1.5%
APR Unknown
Collateral Personal guarantee

The pricing model reflects that of a longer termed credit card. Instead of a monthly revolving line of credit, there is a yearly revolving line of credit. However, the repayment process is similar to that of many online lenders.
P2Bi creates a lockbox bank account that receives your revenue first. If you owe money to your account, it is deducted from the lockbox before the remaining revenue is sent to your personal business account.
While there is no borrowing fee for pulling funds against your credit line, there is an early termination fee should you decide to cancel your agreement before the term length is up. However, if you cancel your agreement to upgrade your credit product with P2Bi, the early termination fee will be waived.
The P2Bi website states that as your business grows, your interest rates decrease.

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The P2Bi model is built around having your earnings pay off your line of credit. You can only borrow as much as your assets dictate. In other words, the more you own the more you can borrow (and vice versa). This way, you technically won’t be able to borrow more than you can handle paying back. This can help you to avoid falling into terrible debt with a merchant loan lender.

Once you look to borrow from P2Bi, they will allow you to pay back your borrowed amount through your daily earnings. P2Bi creates a special bank account for you known commonly as a lockbox, This account will collect your daily revenue. Then, whatever is left over would be deposited into your bank account.

Interest is non-compounding. The main feature of the way interest works with P2Bi is in its daily payment system. Each day, your business’ profits will be deposited into the aforementioned lockbox, but the yearly interest rate you get will be taken on a daily basis from your outstanding debt. P2Bi does not specifically state what their interest rates are before signing on to their service.
One of the nicer things involved in P2Bi’s fee scheme is their early termination fee. An early termination fee is charged if you decide to leave your contract earlier than the term year. However, if you are leaving your contract to upgrade to a bank line of credit (essentially getting a better version of what you have) you can have the fee waived.

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P2Bi looks to take the payment aspect out of your hands through the lockbox system. Whatever your debt may be with the company will come out of your revenue automatically, all but eliminating the ability to be late on a payment. With the added ability to move to a bank line of credit with no penalty, P2Bi looks to make upward mobility a boon rather than a hindrance.

Outside of the lending services. P2Bi also caters to investors as well (hence investor being in the name). The company puts investors and borrowers together in hopes that they can create partnerships through proximity. It can help put your business and yourself in front of some very important individuals. This can potentially lead to better things for your company (at least that is what is stated on the P2Bi website).

P2Bi’s application process looks to garner as much information out of you as possible with the first few minutes of signing up. The application is meant to gather some very basic information about your business. This is also the time that P2Bi will try to get an idea of what your asset value totals to (through financial software integration).

Once your application has been completed and turned in, you will be contacted by an underwriter from P2Bi to further discuss your business and your financial options. As with any lending process, you might be required to produce extra documentation to further explain your business or financial ability. Once all of this is squared away you may be given a credit line offer. Should you accept the offer you’re given P2Bi will set up your lock box and you’ll have access to your credit line. All in all the whole process generally takes less than two weeks.

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P2Bi allows for scheduling conversations with their lending specialists. This can help to avoid customer service pitfalls like automated phone services and missed connections. This can ensure that you get the answers you need for the specific problems you have.

As mentioned before, there is an FAQ available on the website. However, it is not as extensive or informative as other similar offerings.
The main issue with P2Bi in terms of customer care is their business age, Since the company isn’t that old, it’s hard to garner reviews from an adequate amount of consumers.

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