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LevelUp is an American mobile payment platform that lets users accept mobile payments and engage with customers through loyalty programs.



The company LevelUp is viewed as different than other mobile payment services. The big difference is that LevelUp doesn’t operate within the same rules, utilizing a barcode scanner to be able to take payments. The company itself offers its own benefits and perks, such as the ability to scan QR codes as a form of payment or create a personalized mobile application for paying clients. It isn’t easy to confine LevelUp to a category, but we will describe it as best as we can.

Pros Cons
Can create a customer mobile app (with payment). Some have reported that they were hit with fees for early termination, based on the equipment you got from the company.                                                         
Uses QR codes to help attract potential customers. Outside of some areas, those using the service are slim pickings across the nation.
Combines the payment aspect with a loyalty system.
List of compatible businesses provided in your particular area.

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One of the best aspects of LevelUp is their payment structure. However, it can be one of their worst aspects for some who don’t know what the actual fees and rates are (since LevelUp keeps tight lipped on their current rates). Some of their rates are known, however, such as their reward, discount and loyalty campaigns. LevelUp will charge a flat rate of 25% on the redeemed amount. Instead of charging on the total amount of a discount affected transaction (or any transaction), LevelUp charges the 25% off of the discount amount, effectively charging the least for such transactions. And if there are no discounted transactions, you don’t pay for anything.

One feature that many payment providers will charge you for is chargebacks. When a credit card transaction fails, most payment providers would charge you for the failed transaction. Fortunately LevelUp will not charge you for any chargebacks that they handle on your behalf.

As far as the equipment is concerned, LevelUp delivers quality hardware for reasonable prices. Their countertop QR scanner will run you around $50 and their tablet will cost around $100. There are one time fees and some recurring payment, but you;ll never be caught off guard.

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LevelUp offers a plethora of services and features to their clients. While it might seem confusing with the amount of features available and the ways they can be integrated, keep in mind that as a merchant you can pick and choose which features you use.

Merchant Level Features Available
White-label Customer App You can have LevelUp develop a customized app specifically for your business. This gives your mobile presence a unique feel and allows you to integrate any of LevelUp’s features into the mobile platform as well.
Developer SDK If you already have a mobile application but you want it to work with LevelUp features, then this is your option. This feature also allows for app developer partnership, expediting the situation. The basic form of this feature is available for free, but for further interactivity (and richer elements) you would have to pay.
Mobile App LevelUp has a free app that is available to all consumers. This app lets you locate businesses in your vicinity that work with the app and the service.

LevelUp - Places

Universal Features Available
In-Depth Reporting & Analytics You’ll receive actionable information that will allow you to adjust your campaign goals.
Mobile Discounts, Rewards & Loyalty Programs Custom campaigns can be created for your customers, new and returning. LevelUp can also allow credit to be used at multiple supported merchant locations.
Order-Ahead Capability LevelUp allows for pre-ordering for restaurants.
Gift Cards An iOS-only feature, LevelUp can allow for gift cards to be used digitally.
Card Processing Via Mobile Wallet Users can pay via mobile wallet with a linked credit or debit card.

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LevelUp provides services to those looking for a full service situation, those who only need fringe add ons to what they already have and everyone in between. While it isn’t a proper, full on replacement for merchant services, as it stands now it LevelUp works well for a complimentary service added onto your existing business.

There are many aspects of LevelUp that can help boost your business and improve your interactions with your customers or clients. The amount of integration between your business and LevelUp is entirely up to you, but the amount of benefit you can receive from this partnering only increases the more you utilize what’s available to you.

As with other merchant service providers, LevelUp provides hardware for your payment processing needs. Unlike other providers, the hardware that the company provides is cheaper to purchase. You won’t even need a tablet should your systems support LevelUp integration already.

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Even though the company has been around for about six years, there isn’t a lot of customer commentary to go on. One feature that LevelUp has going for it is their Twitter account. People who follow LevelUp’s Twitter account can receive answers to any problems they encounter with the service through the social media account.

Should you look for any customer reviews of the services LevelUp provides, the Better Business Bureau has the most reviews (and complaints) available to read. At the moment of this review, there are only two customer reviews listed (both negative) and eight customer complaints.

In the reviews, most people were upset about the practice of bundling payments after the first month of being a part of the service. A few were upset by random charges appearing on their cards or the lack of promotions or credits being honored. While the complaints all have some sort of response from LevelUp management, the nature of the solutions implemented (if there was a solution) haven’t been widely accepted.

In order to avoid any unsavory encounters with these problems, it is recommended that you not only read the contract you sign into with LevelUp but you look at the complaints listed on the BBB website to try and avoid the same issues.

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