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InCharge Debt Solutions bill themselves as an alternative to debt consolidation loans. The amount of offerings that InCharge does have is impressive. One of the more all inclusive debt relief companies, here we will break down what you can get from InCharge.

InCharge Debt Solutions has the makings to be a jack of all trades in the debt relief department. While it doesn’t particularly give any debt relief solution you can think of, it does provide a wealth of information on whatever you could want to know about.



Wide variety of debt relief choices available

No specific focus for debt relief

Offering multiple forms of counseling

No guaranteed money-back policy

Almost two decades in business


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The payment scheme works out in a similar fashion to other debt relief providers. As you enroll your debts into a debt management program with InCharge you will work out a monthly payment plan that suits your budget. In addition to your monthly payments you’ll also be depositing a percentage of your debt into your account for your program payment.


One of the more troubling aspects of the payment makeup is that you don’t have a guarantee to get your money back should you fail to settle with a creditor. Whereas many other debt relief providers offer some sort of money-back guarantee should you require it, InCharge has you pay monthly fees for a service that is not guaranteed to bear fruit. With the amount going against you in an unpromised debt relief situation, having that money-back guarantee seems like a normal offering with debt consolidation. Remember that during your monthly payment phase you won’t be paying your creditors, so it is possible that those same creditors might take action against you.


For other forms of information or services provided, there are upfront charges to be aware of. One prominent example is credit counseling for bankruptcy. In order to file for bankruptcy one must go through credit counseling beforehand. The detriment for counseling through InCharge is the fact that it isn’t free. Generally, paid services are higher quality than free services, so research your options well before you make your choice.

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The way that InCharge separates itself from other debt relief companies is in its many offerings. Outside of the normal forms of counseling made available to program members, there are many other forms of counseling made available to you. InCharge Debt Solutions lists a plethora of counseling topics (when compared to other similar sites) that you can call to receive help in.

One of the best things about this practice is the fact that while there are some programs that InCharge does not offer, they will not shy away from offering advice for bankruptcy. Being one of the methods to get out of debt but lacking any real background (except through lawyers) it can be hard to gather information. Here the information is available to you.

As mentioned before, there are other paid features that you have access to. With multiple ways to get in contact with a debt relief specialist at InCharge, there’s bound to be one method of contact to suit everyone. For a potential client still coming to grips with their debt being beyond their help, not having to expound your personal business over the phone can make all the difference,

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InCharge Debt Solutions looks to keep their customers happy. However, a quick look through their customer complaint history on the Better Business Bureau will show similar issues being experienced by multiple individuals. The main issue they encountered was the lack of a refund of the remaining funds not used by the company to settle debts.

While there are multiple counts of there being discrepancies with payments being disregarded instead of refunded, all of the complaints lodged on the BBB site stand as being cleared. Other complaints show a lack of understanding about the business aspect.

Even though there are some negative aspects, most individuals have positive experiences. Overall InCharge seems to take well to completing everyone’s financial experience to their satisfaction, garnering many positive remarks and comments throughout the internet.

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