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Looking for debt relief can be a mixed bag. Many companies don't follow the same rules when it comes to debt consolidation options. It helps to know what to look for when you need to get rid of your debts. Here you can learn more about some of the top debt relief companies available to you today. Understand more about each individual debt consolidation provider. Learn how they interact with their clients. Make the best decisions on your financial health based on our reviews.


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Understanding Debt Consolidation Options

At some point in time, most people have to deal with some form of debt. Whether it’s a credit card, a personal loan, or even a medical bill, debt can and will rear its ugly head. Outside of the extremely well off, debt is a necessary part of adult life. Anyone who has had to pay for higher education will have to go through paying off student loans. Many student loan debts tend to linger around, sometimes for years on end. Other debts, like the aforementioned medical debt, can fade from memory now only to pop up later and cause some serious financial hardship down the line. In the event that your struggle with personal debt becomes overbearing, there are options you can look to in order to rid yourself of your debt. There are multiple ways to deal with debt, from seeking professional help to trying to tackle it on your own. When looking to garner professional assistance, there are couple things that you should pay attention to before locking down any one particular path. The first thing you should pay attention to is your willingness to make payments or follow a plan of action. The ones who are successful are the ones who are willing to do what is necessary and make the adequate sacrifices in order to achieve the proper outcome.

Debt Relief Options Available to You:

There are many actions that can qualify as debt consolidation. Here we will discuss the main arms of debt consolidation, how they operate and whether you should give them the time of day depending on the situation.
  • Filing for Bankruptcy - First we start off with the the last resort of debt consolidationt. Bankruptcy should not be attempted unless you are in dire straits. The reasoning behind this is the amount of damage a bankruptcy can have on a credit record for up to 10 years. However a successful bankruptcy can eliminate most if not all of your unprotected debts.
  • DIY - Of course you always attempt to consolidate your debts on your own. The two options that would have to align for this to work would be your ability to make payments on your debts and your willpower to continue to stick to a payment schedule. While this is a viable option for those who can adhere to the two requirements previously mentioned, it won’t always be the best way to get rid of your debt based on various situations.
  • Debt Consolidation - This requires you to take out a consolidation loan to pay off your other debts. It works well if you secure a loan with a fixed interest rate and a fixed term for repayment. Getting a consolidation loan is a great way to lessen the amount of debts (and late fees, interest rates, due dates, etc…) to one of each. However, a consolidation loan would require you to have the proper amount of credit to qualify. If not, you’ll have to look for other options.
  • Balance Transfer - Similar to debt consolidation, a balance transfer works for credit cards. If you have multiple credit cards with lesser amounts of debt, you can utilize one credit card to absorb the other debts from credit cards or obligations that can be paid for with credit card. The credit card used to complete a balance transfer works best when it has an interest rate of 0% or less than all other debts you own.
  • Debt Consolidation - One of the more accessible forms of debt relief, debt consolidation can help you find debt relief without paying as much.

How to Tackle Debt Relief the Right Way

The thing about ridding yourself of debt is that there are two way to do so, and that’s with or without professional help. While some forms of professional help will have the desired results, other times it might end poorly, either with you not losing any debt or gaining more debt. You must make sure you pay attention to the debt relief provider you choose as not all providers follow the same rules. Be certain that whichever debt relief provider you use you investigate. Make sure you check the company out on the Better Business Bureau website to confirm their legitimacy. Any debt relief company worth their salt, will be able to prove their existence and that they are not scams. Debt relief can be tricky to navigate, but the BBB can be a great resource for double checking any debt relief provider.

Top Debt Relief Providers

Knowing that you need to get rid of your debt is only half of the battle. The other half is deciding on a debt relief service provider. There are many different options in choosing a debt relief provider, some are better than others. Some debt relief providers offer top class service in line with set regulations to make sure you receive the best help available. Others are well designed scams, created to take your money and possible have you end up in more debt than what you started with. If your search has brought you here, consider these services.

Guardian Debt Relief

Whereas many debt relief providers don’t go into vivid detail about their dealings and how they help their customers, Guardian Debt Relief breaks from the traditional fogginess in the industry. With an A+ ranking and accreditation (both by the Better Business Bureau) Guardian Debt Relief has proven themselves to be one of the most trustworthy and capable debt relief providers available.
  • BBB, AFCC, and IAPDA accredited
  • Extensive and helpful blog section
  • Money-back guarantee

InCharge Debt Solutions

When trying to seem different from the rest of the industry, you run the risk being a jack of all trades while being a master of none. However, InCharge Debt Solutions looks to buck the trend, offering multiple types of debt relief and information on each variation. They also have a wealth of knowledge to draw on, being in business for almost two decades.
  • Multiple methods of debt relief
  • Debt counseling also made available
  • In business for a substantial amount of time

Which Debt Relief Service is Best for You?

When selecting which debt relief provider/service is best for you, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.
  • What kind of debt you hold
  • How much money you can spare to pay it off
  • What your credit is currently
  • How much involvement you need from a debt relief service
Answering each of these questions will bring you closer to a selection in type of debt relief and type of provider.
Best For $10K+ Debt
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  • Debt-free in 24-60 months
  • 100% free debt analysis
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  • Free financial resources and tools
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