PayPal Proves Popular in Gaming Payments Too

June 26, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Gaming can actually be a fairly expensive hobby under the right circumstances; just ask anyone who got a PC sufficient to handle an Oculus Rift recently. As such, it’s a good idea to have a payment method on hand to handle the bills that inevitably come up. A new report suggests that PayPal is one of the leaders here, and it’s definitely not alone.

While many users turn to a credit or debit card, thanks to a perception of security and comparative ease of use, there’s still a potential for fraud or data breach involved that could lead to trouble overall. So the card-based mobile payment systems are doing well here overall.

Leading the way on that front is PayPal, according to reports, which comes with an extra level of fraud prevention that’s at least somewhat lacking in the card-based systems. This is reasonable enough; PayPal lives online as it is, so PayPal would be able to best understand some of the inherent risks involved in making online purchases. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Microsoft will tie in an Xbox Live account with a PayPal system.

Yet even here, competition is arising; direct billing to a phone bill is on the rise, particularly as relates to more gambling-focused operations. The mobile payment operations like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, et al, are likely to have an interest here as well. It might behoove Microsoft to get something like this together, especially given the success of its Xbox console.

Regardless of how you look at it, one thing is clear: there’s a lot of opportunity in this sector. Mobile payments providers have a great chance to reach a market that will likely be a market for a long time to come in gamers. By providing a valuable service—covering the various bills of gaming with a simple button-press—it improves the likelihood that those gamers might well choose a certain payment system for all such transactions.

After all, managing several different transaction systems can be a challenge. Managing just one is much easier. Sadly, PayPal can’t be used in some places, a point that will hopefully change in the near future. Still, a payment service that can address gaming will likely have the gamers’ interest, and maybe, even beyond from there.