Part 4 – Bitcoin vs. the World

July 10, 2014         By: Payment Week

Tuesday  – August 26
, 2014 – 1:00pm EST

Governments domestic and international are wrestling with classifying, and at a basic level, legalizing bitcoin for ownership and usage.

Bitcoin can and has spurred innovation in the financial technologies space, but innovative companies often must wrestle with unclear regulation, or risk even an outright ban in certain countries.

What have regulators done to work with or against the disruption of bitcoin, and where is the future going? We look at and highlight certain markets, domestic and abroad for how governments have dealt with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.

After attending this webinar you will take away the following:

  • How are domestic and international regulators dealing with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

  • Which countries are “banning” bitcoin and how are businesses and consumers sidestepping this?

  • How are startups and established companies adapting to bitcoin?

  • What does the future hold for bitcoin?


Daniel Romero


Dan Romero – Manager of Business Development at Coinbase

Dan Romero is Manager of Business Development at Coinbase. Previously, he worked at Envoy on product and business development. Prior to that, he worked at Bain & Company. He holds a BA in English from Duke University.




Bobby Lee – CEO & Co-founder of BTC China

Bobby Lee is the CEO and co-founder of BTC China, the first Bitcoin exchange in China and one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges worldwide. Bobby started his career in Silicon Valley as a software engineer at Yahoo! pioneering some of the earliest online communities on the Internet.  He has spent the last seven years in Shanghai, China where he was Director of Software Engineering at EMC in China and CTO of SMG BesTV, the leading IPTV company in China.