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Fattmerchant, based in Orlando, Florida, offers flat rate payment technology solutions and simpler merchant services for all businesses.

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Pacific Debt Inc. is on the lower end of the overall fee scale in debt relief. This can go a long way in establishing difference (and benefit) over the competition. However, when you factor in how the overall relief service does not reach the levels of success that other similar services do, it might make for more of a tradeoff than an outright benefit.

Established in 2002, Pacific Debt Inc. has 15 years of debt relief experience under its belt. While it isn’t the oldest company, it still has a great deal of background to draw from. Just be careful when looking for a refund if your interaction with the company is not to your liking.




Lower fees than the competition

Reductions after settlement are less than the industry average

Upon enrolling you’re assigned a personal account manager


You can access your account through a mobile management portal


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The pricing being perhaps the only standout thing about Pacific Debt Inc., it is worth mentioning that the fee percentage is decidedly less than what most other similar services offer. The fees for Pacific Debt Inc. range from 15 to 22 percent of the overall debt you bring into the program. On average, this is a whole five to eight percent less than the competition.


Payments work much like they do in any other debt relief program of similar ilk. Once you have agreed to be apart of the Pacific Debt Inc. program, you’ll decide upon a monthly payment amount that will suit your budget. In addition to this payment you will also be making a payment towards the company itself, allowing you the ability to couple both program payments and settlement deposits into one monthly monetary obligation.


To put this into greater context, we can look at the minimum amount of unsecured debt required to get started with the program. Pacific Debt Inc. accepts amounts of $10,000 and more. This means that given a fee percentage of 22%, you’d probably have to pay back a total of $2,200 over the course of your program life.

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The features of Pacific Debt Inc. are around the same that other similar companies offer. Pacific Debt Inc has an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions for those unfamiliar with the workings of debt relief as a whole or in specific aspects.

There is also a lengthy explanation to the multiple ways you can try to handle debt on your own. From debt settlement to simply doing nothing, you can learn the benefit of each form as well as the detriments. If you’re unsure about the path you should take to this particular portion of the site. While the posts do not look to put down any outside programs or methods, they do provide education for what you may not already know.

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Customer service comes from Pacific Debt Inc. in multiple flavors. You can contact a customer representative online or over the phone. There is the added bonus that Pacific Debt Inc. has what’s known as “client care” members dedicated to keeping you, the client, happy.

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