Mobile Payments Leader Stripe Teams Up With ManageCasa

July 3, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Property management is not an easy task, for those who ever wondered. Trying to keep tabs on who owes what and how much is just a start of the whole thing, as it quickly descends from there into a spiral of jobs that need done and things that need fixed. The notion of paying and getting paid, however, may be that much simpler now thanks to a new agreement between ManageCasa Inc. and Stripe, one of the biggest names in the mobile payments field.

ManageCasa, meanwhile, is an automated property management system for landlords and property owners. Thanks to the new arrangement with Stripe, it will also be able to accept rent payments as well as make payments along with engaging in automated bookkeeping. The new combined service is set to get a demonstration shortly in Denver, where the Apartmentalize conference is set to take place.

For now, the product will only be available in the United States. Reports suggest that an international version is already in the works, and will feature a way to give accountants or maintenance staff access to the most relevant functions.

ManageCasa CEO Peter Koch noted “Sending and receiving payments has always been a challenge in our industry, often requiring lots of time and effort on the part of both property managers and tenants to meet in person to get rent and bills paid. We’re thrilled to provide an online solution that will allow payments to change hands securely in just a few clicks.”

Koch et al should be thrilled. This has likely trimmed some serious time off the workload required to maintain and manage properties, and has given ManageCasa a real shot at being the go-to mechanism for small landlords everywhere. All they’ll have to do from here is market the product accordingly to make sure as many of those potentially interested small landlords—who have likely never heard of ManageCasa—can get in on the action. The product will likely all but sell itself from there.

Any time a big job can be made easier and simpler to handle, it’s a safe bet that the product responsible for that simplification will do well. ManageCasa—and Stripe by association—is about to demonstrate one more exciting new use case for mobile payments systems.