Klarna Launches Global Customer Authentication Platform

April 4, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Global payments force Klarna announced a global authentication platform for its customers.

The idea behind authentication in the payments world is to create an added level of security to customer interactions online. Think of the times you go to sign up for a service or make a purchase and you have a prompt to verify your identity via text message or email. Klarna is making a multitude of customer authentication options to provide to other businesses for their individual consumer bases.

Nir Aravot, Product Manager Customer Authentication Platform at Klarna, says: “At Klarna we have a relentless focus on the customer experience. Security is not an excuse for a poor experience, and we know that customers will simply not accept it. Offering an authentication platform that minimizes the friction, offers a personalized experience and doesn’t compromise the overall user flow, will not only benefit customers everywhere, but also provide a competitive advantage for businesses.”

Leah Farmer, Vice President Product, Merchant Services, at Klarna, says: “Establishing trust online between business and customers is key for unlocking the potential of online commerce. Achieving that, without compromising the overall customer experience, is a challenge for most businesses. With our customer authentication platform, we make it easy for businesses to establish this trust, comply with regulations, and tailor the experience to offer their customers a quick and safe way to identify themselves.”

A major point that payment providers are tackling in 2019 is security. Klarna is taking this seriously and making strides to help businesses provide more security options. Keeping consumer data safe while not trying to over complicate the payment is a hard thing to achieve, but achieve it Klarna has done.