Intuit Sets Up New Partnerships Making Mobile Easier for Merchants

March 16, 2015         By: Steven Anderson

More moves emerge in the field of mobile payments with Intuit looking to secure its position with the help of a couple new partnerships. Intuit is now said to be working with both Shopify and Bigcommerce, a measure which should go a long way in terms of making things easier for the merchant field.

The connection between Intuit and Shopify, at last report, is set to provide an integration platform between Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Shopify’s systems. This gives QuickBooks Online more to work with, and allows business owners to more rapidly balance books and carry on with the proper work of running a business.

Meanwhile, the connection between Intuit and Bigcommerce was somewhat similar in nature, providing a more rapid bookkeeping solution, but for businesses who deal in more online transactions.

With retail spreading beyond the brick-and-mortar store—and even the brick-and-mortar stores left to change thanks to the rapid growth of the mobile payment concept—stores will need new ways to address bookkeeping and transactions, and Bigcommerce should prove helpful on that front.

Having both of these new tools in place means that Intuit will be able to offer up much more rapid data updates, without the need to manually reconcile data, as well as better accuracy in sales transactions—no more worrying about a misplaced decimal or incorrect entry—and a better flow of information to help make necessary decisions about current operations. Plus, the improved efficiency in bookkeeping overall means that less time needs to be spent on this necessary, though nonproductive, exercise, meaning more time, effort and resources can be put back into the business.

Business these days is a much different proposition than it was even five years ago. With the growth of mobile payments changing the way businesses operate, there have to be changes at every point of the business to accommodate. For online businesses, this isn’t perhaps such a big change. For brick-and-mortar, meanwhile, it’s a big change as accepting mobile payments requires new equipment and a new philosophy in accepting payments.

Not every business is ready for an environment that allows for payments via smartphone, or via touchless near-field communications (NFC) terminal, but it’s moves like Intuit’s recent additions that should go a long way in helping businesses take the fullest advantage of this new environment. Only time will tell just how well it all works out, but in the end, it’s a good bet that it will end well