German-Based Reaps Rewards of E-commerce Solutions from SIX Payment Services

December 14, 2016         By: Payment Week

German-based motorcycle clothing supplier, is deepening its relationship with SIX Payment Services (SIX) following the successful implementation of SIX’ comprehensive Omni-Channel for its e-commerce solutions. The new system has resulted in reduced transaction costs, simplified Point of Sale (POS) and online transactions and increased customer data security.

 Prior to the collaboration with SIX, was charged a 3.5% credit card fee for all transactions. As a result of this new partnership, is now saving over two-thirds of the Interchange fee on all credit card transactions. has integrated Saferpay, the e-commerce solution of SIX and has installed SIX’ state of the art POS terminals into its shop system, ensuring online sales and store payment transactions are in one transparent, easy-to-manage format.

SIX now manages the credit card data and personal information of customers securely in the system, so its employees have no touch points with the sensitive data and the company is exempt from the obligations under PCI-DSS. In addition, this new approach reduces costs for as SIX also holds the credit card acceptance contract with Visa and Mastercard. This means that the adoption of Omni-Channel has not only paid for itself several times over, but provided improved security and efficiency of the business.

SIX plans to integrate Mastercard’s free Mastercard wallet into the shop system. This means that customers will only have to enter their email address and a password to make a simple, fast and secure payment. This demonstrates’s appetite to embrace new payment systems and further benefit from the innovative solutions from SIX.Daniel Dimpker, owner of, commented: “The introduction of the Saferpay e-commerce solution from SIX, along with its mobile card terminal has been a huge success across our outlets. The Omni-channel solution has already saved us both time and money and we look forward to working together with SIX as we implement additional payment options and as a result, continuing to improve our customer satisfaction rates.”

Johannes Sutter, Head E-Commerce Sales, SIX Payment Services added: “We are delighted to be working with From the moment the system went live the company and its employees have been able to view, edit and manage in-store and on-line transactions in real time through a central web-based back-office application. We will be working with the team to integrate the Mastercard wallet into the system – and look forward increased collaboration in the future.”