Former Amazon Executive Launches Bitcoin Gift Card Integration

October 26, 2016         By: Payment Week

October 26, 2016 – Seattle, WA –, a Seattle-based company that aims to make bitcoin an accessible and useful payment method for all, today launched a gift card feature that allows users to instantly purchase original gift cards with bitcoin, the leading digital currency. Gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, BestBuy, and iTunes are available today and many other popular brands are planned for the holiday shopping season. The seamlessly integrated gift card system is the first for any full-featured bitcoin wallet. The new offering is yet another reason why iPayYou is fast becoming not only the easiest-to-use bitcoin wallet for consumers, but the best way to use digital currency for everyday activities.

Founded by Gene Kavner, a former Amazon Executive, iPayYou allows users to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin through its simple and secure platform. With decades of experience in developing cutting edge technology for consumers, Kavner founded iPayYou in response to demand for a user-friendly bitcoin wallet. Since its launch in May 2016, the wallet has been praised for its usability and unique features including cancelable transactions – the first ever for a bitcoin wallet – and the ability to send payments via email and Twitter without the recipient needing a pre-created account or bitcoin wallet of any kind.

“Even after years of effort and hundreds of millions in VC capital invested, digital currency continues to have one major weakness: the world of bitcoin is desolate. The lack of fully integrated, seamless ways to spend bitcoin for everyday goods and services is what iPayYou aims to fix,” said Gene Kavner, Founder and CEO of iPayYou.

“Everyone knows that Bitcoin is just too difficult for most consumers to use, but most people don’t think about how hard it is to spend. Integrating a gift card marketplace with our wallet platform helps solve that problem. Since our launch, iPayYou has consistently developed and deployed unique features that together make bitcoin a truly useful method for all, from the ability to cancel transactions to the ability to send payments via email and Twitter to anyone, even those who have never accepted bitcoin before,” added Kavner.

iPayYou offers elegant features that make purchasing gift cards with bitcoin more useful, including:

  • In keeping with the iPayYou “send-by-email” and “send-by-Twitter” payment capabilities, customers may also send gift cards to friends and family.
  • If the customer or their recipients decide they no longer need the gift card, they can sell it back to iPayYou for bitcoin.
  • Like other iPayYou payments, transactions that send gift cards to friends and family can be canceled by the sender so long as they have not been claimed by the recipient.
  • gift cards may be redeemed with just 1-click.

iPayYou today also announced a refreshed website. Once logged in, users are directed to a home screen with a newcomer-friendly “how-to” area that provides options for how users can best spend their bitcoin.

“Our newly developed interface provides all users, whether experienced with cryptocurrency or not, the opportunity to see how bitcoin can be useful in their daily lives. Whether consumers are using iPayYou as a safe bitcoin wallet or to send a little holiday cheer, there is something available for everyone through iPayYou,” concluded Kavner.