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January 23, 2017         By: Payment Week

Inaugural Distributed: Markets to be held in Atlanta
at The Ritz-Carlton, Feb. 27, 2017

BTC Inc. the organizers of groundbreaking blockchain events, Distributed: Health and Distributed: Trade, today announced the launch of Distributed: Markets. Similar to previous events, Distributed: Markets will focus on bringing together key ecosystem stakeholders to establish the framework for the adoption of blockchain technology across an industry — Payments & Financial Services.

“As distributed ledger technology continues to build momentum and dominate the conversations in fintech, partnerships between legacy financial institutions and blockchain trailblazers will be vital. Our goal is to make Distributed: Markets the platform for that to occur,” said Distributed Programs Director and CTO, BTC Inc, Tyler Evans.

Leaders in payments and financial services and the entrepreneurs driving the blockchain movement forward will converge on Feb. 27, 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta. The event is part of the broader Distributed Events series focused on creating a blueprint for integration of blockchain into sectors that will undoubtedly be affected by this transformative technology.

“Atlanta is the payments capital of the world and the hottest city in fintech, making it a perfect location for no-holds-barred discussion of the state of our rapidly changing world, as it relates to such key verticals as Payments, Capital Markets, Digital Assets and Insurance,” said Evans.

More than 500 attendees and 50+ speakers will be onsite for Distributed: Markets inaugural event for an intimate day of learning, networking and collaboration. The event will be an unprecedented opportunity to form the relationships needed to move financial services and blockchain forward together.  Attendees will include everyone from local and global leaders in payments and financial services to high growth startups and venture capitalists. The agenda will consist of five keynotes and 15 track sessions covering payments, capital markets, digital assets and insurance. Prior to the event, there will be a 24-hour hackathon, the details of which will be announced closer to the event

“A blockchain, or ‘distributed ledger’, contains an immutable time-stamped record of every transaction, updated and verified by tech-enabled consensus, yet secure, transparent and immediately and directly accessible to all accorded access. With the prospects of sharply reduced costs across all industries, as well as the near-certainty of disruption and disintermediation of many payments and financial services institutions we’re confident Distributed: Markets will serve as the guide for this ecosystem as it transforms and evolves,” said David Bailey, CEO, BTC Inc.

For more information visit https://godistributed.com/events/markets/

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The Distributed Markets conference is designed, produced and offered by BTC Inc., and is one of a series of events addressing the most important trends and developments in key industry verticals. Based in Nashville, BTC is the world’s largest provider of multimedia educational, conferences and other high-value informational resources focused on the digital currency and blockchain industries. BTC units publish highly specialized content via Distributed, Bitcoin Magazine, The Distributed Ledger, yBitcoin and other platforms.