Direct Debit Accessible for Independent Opticians and Audiologists

April 7, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Leading payments bureau, First Capital Cashflow has teamed up with The National Eyecare Group and hearing instrument manufacturers, Unitron to launch an innovative new Direct Debit payment solution.

The Cheshire located Direct Debit provider has developed two complimentary schemes, one geared toward opticians and one for audiologists, to make Direct Debit payments available to independent practitioners across the UK.

The schemes gives smaller opticians and audiologists the opportunity to offer their customers the option to pay for services in monthly installments, something formerly impossible lest you are a part of a larger organizations.

“Most independent opticians and audiologists are too small to set up a Direct Debit payment system via their bank, so currently their customers have to pay their total bill in one go or use a cumbersome process of standing orders. Our scheme negates bank involvement, making Direct Debit payments a genuine option for smaller businesses,” said Helen Hannah, Commercial Director at First Capital Cashflow. “The cost for opticians and audiologists of processing payments customers make on credit or debit cards is around 2-3% of a transaction plus a flat fee of 30p or more. In comparison, our Direct Debit service costs much less, with just a simple flat fee of 30p per transaction.”

“When we decided to launch a direct debit collection service it was important that we worked with a highly-experienced company, who understood our needs and the needs of our clients. First Capital Cashflow is the company that stood head and shoulders above the rest. They offer not only a technically advanced solution at an affordable price, but back it up with a fantastic friendly, personal service,” commented Phil Mullins, Director of Business Development at The National Eyecare Group.