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Fattmerchant, based in Orlando, Florida, offers flat rate payment technology solutions and simpler merchant services for all businesses.

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CuraDebt is one of the more well respected debt consolidation providers available. While it is not available in all states, it does offer a lot more flexibility to those who do qualify. The overall customer sentiment is that of positivity towards the company, although there are some consistent reports of Curadebt leading individuals with tax issues to a negative interaction with Advocate Tax Solutions.



Both debt management and debt consolidation services are offered.

May make unsavory suggestions for those in tax debt.

Familiar industry standards.

Amount of debt necessary to qualify changes for each state.


You’re responsible for an account maintenance fee upon signup.

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Pricing with the Curadebt model is similar to other models, even with tax debt. Like most debt relief services, Curadebt does not provide concrete numbers for how much you would pay for their services. While trying to portray a transparent debt relief provider, Curadebt only looks to give just as much information as their major competitors. Instead, you would have to settle for a percentage of the debt you’re trying to rid yourself of. The percentage still isn’t set in stone, possibly fluctuating with how much debt you bring to the program to begin with.


Once you reach the explanation page on the Curadebt site, you won’t receive any real info on the cost of the service. As with most debt relief services (those that focus on debt settlement in any case) you’d have to at least be on the phone with a representative to get some more answers on the pricing format. One thing that is mentioned on the site is that you don’t pay anything to the company until your debts have been settled.


However, there is information that is available through the CuraDebt FAQ that informs of a 20% fee “on average” added to your monthly program deposits. This is keeping in line with what many other similar debt relief providers charge. Due to the wording, your fees might be less or more than what is listed. Nothing is stated about how any fluctuations in fees is calculated.

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Curadebt goes as far as to offer credit resolution after you complete their program (albeit through a separate provider) but it is more than other forms of debt relief offer. As with other providers you can receive a free consultation when you first contact the company.

On the site, Curadebt states that they offer the following services:

Debt Relief - As with many other similar companies, debt relief is an overall theme of the service they provide. Therefore, being labelled as a service is redundant in this case.

Tax Debt Relief - Where Curadebt truly stands apart from the rest is in their tax debt relief offering. Curadebt has a tax relief division that claims to help with your tax situations. Taxing authorities are very strict when it comes to owing money to the federal government. Having the company that handles your debt handle the IRS as well can be convenient.

Debt Settlement - This would be considered the meat and potatoes of the debt relief offering from Curadebt. Their debt settlement offering isn’t much different than other debt relief providers. In terms of transparency, Curadebt does go into some detail on how their debt settlement process works. Again, it does mirror how other debt settlement processes operate.

Debt Negotiation - Here’s another example of a separate listing that doesn’t need to be there. Debt negotiation is a part of the debt settlement process and doesn’t require its own portion of services offered. The debt negotiation page is the explanation of how debt settlement works. It’s a bit misleading, but all of the information contained within is useful.

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One refreshing thing about the Curadebt process is that they introduce you to the whole team you’d most likely be dealing with. Each part of the employee team has a small bio on their team profiles page. Not only do you learn something about every part of the team (some people have one or two sentences) but you also get to learn a bit about the creator of Curadebt.

The company has been around for over 15 year and has amassed a number of reviews over that time. One of the review sites has over 700 positive reviews for CuraDebt. In terms of bad reviews, there only exist two of them on the Better Business Bureau at the time of this review. One of the poor reviews that CuraDebt has on BBB.org has to do with a referral to Advocate Tax Solutions for a tax debt that one client had. Another issue that a separate customer had revolved around the same Advocate Tax Solutions.

To sum up, it would seem that having dealings with Advocate Tax Solutions would not be satisfactory. In order to have a more amicable relationship with CuraDebt, it would be best to avoid bringing your tax debts to CuraDebt.

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