Child Tax Credit California: Know Amount and When Will You Get this Payment?

The parents and the guardians of the California will be provided with the Child Tax Credit California soon in a few days. The families that are earning less than $25000 every year will be provided an extra amount of $1000. Those individuals who earn between $25000 and $30000 will be provided with a credit amount that is less but does not disappear. Individuals who are below 6 years old will be provided with this credit on meeting certain criteria of eligibility. 

It is the responsibility of the state to make sure that the youngest individuals in California receive a bright start in their lives. This therefore means that the additional state child tax credit of the individual should arrive with their tax refund. This post gives all the details about the Child Tax Credit along with the criteria for eligibility.  

Child Tax Credit California

In order to make sure that a smooth process is going on it is necessary for the individual to double check all the criteria of eligibility which you have met and filled correctly. That individual who is eagerly waiting for this credit should regularly check the official website of the government for more information about the check. It is necessary to note that the Child Tax Credit California is a way by which the life of families residing in California can be made simple.

What to expect from Child Tax Credit California

The child tax credit is known as the federal tax credit that is non-refundable and is available to taxpayers who have children and meet the criteria of eligibility. To become eligible for getting this child tax credit it is necessary for the child to be less than 17 years old. Further, it also becomes necessary for you to have a valid social security number and the child should be listed as a dependent on the tax return of the individual. 

  • The Child Tax Credit California can help individuals reduce their tax amount on a dollar-for-dollar basis. This therefore can help individuals eliminate their tax bill together. 
  • For the year 2023, when the individual files their taxes in the year 2024 then the child tax credit worth $2000 for every qualifying child is provided. 
  • The (ACTC) or additional child tax credit is known as one of the refundable part of the child tax credit. 
  • If the individual meets the criteria of the requirement of the child tax credit but cannot take the full benefit amount then they can still be eligible to get partial refunds which can be done by applying for ACTC or an additional child tax credit. 
  • In order to get the additional child tax credit, individuals need to meet certain criteria of income and dependent criteria that involve the child tax credit.
Child Tax Credit California: Know Amount and When Will You Get this Payment?

Latest information about Child Tax Credit California

The child tax credit will be provided to all those individuals who meet the criteria of eligibility for receiving the Child Tax Credit in California. The credit amount of $2000 will be provided to every child in the family who is under 17 years old. Still, it is important to make sure the following brief points are met by the household:

  • It is necessary for the family to earn either $25000 or less in order to become eligible for the Child Tax Credit California.
  • Further, in the case of couples who are married and filing jointly, it becomes necessary to have an aggregate gross income or AGI of $400000 then they are also eligible for getting this assistance.
  • Individuals can even get the refundable portion which is worth up to $1600 for every child. 
  • In order to get the additional child tax credit it is necessary for the individuals to earn almost $2500 or must have three or more dependents that are qualifying the age criteria. 

Fact check on Child Tax Credit California

It is necessary for the child to have a valid social security number in order to receive the Child Tax Credit California. If the child doesn’t have the social security number then they cannot get the child tax credit but they are eligible for getting the additional child tax credit in California. The taxpayer can benefit from this credit even when they have not earned the money and don’t owe any income taxes. In order to claim the child tax credit it is necessary for the individuals to file their taxes regularly. 

  • Individuals can even get the child tax credit payment in advance. This can be possible only when the individuals have opted in for the advanced payment on the website of the Internal Revenue Service. 
  • The federal government of the United States of America along with the 15 other states provides child tax credits for enhancing the economic security of families and their children mainly those that come from the brackets of middle-income families. 
  • It is projected that the federal Child tax credit helps almost 2 million children from poverty every year.

California CTC Payment Dates 2024 

This expanded child tax credit has touched over 61 million children in more than 36 million households also the funds were mainly used for the care of the child. Food, housing, education, and other necessary needs. It will be only provided if the individuals meet the criteria of age and have a valid social security number with them. Further, the family should earn less than the income limit which is set by the government authority of the country. 

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