Certify Targets Concur With Captio Acquisition

Certify took one major step forward earlier today as it formally acquired Captio, the biggest expense management brand in Europe. With the Captio acquisition, Certify not only makes itself a force to be reckoned with—especially against competing firm Concur—but also takes its first steps into a global operation. Captio’s user base is seen throughout Europe, … Read more

Certify Steps Up Its Mobile Expense Management by Acquiring Abacus

Mobile payments are a convenient option for making payments, but effectively managing expenses is critical for businesses, particularly around tax time when identifying deductible expenses can significantly reduce tax liabilities. Recently, Certify enhanced its capabilities in expense management through the acquisition of Abacus. Abacus is noted as the first company to offer real-time expense reporting … Read more

Americans Increasingly Getting Into Mobile Payments, Says Report

It’s interesting, but while plenty of Americans have smartphones, their use of smartphones to make payments is actually somewhat behind the rest of the world. However, some new studies presented by The Economist suggest that this may just be a temporary issue, and that mobile payments in America are really catching on. One projection notes … Read more

Local Government Workers, Brace for Ransomware Attack

Local government, like the township offices, the county road commission, and things like that, are commonly thought of as highly-stable sinecures, jobs largely immune to loss except from the most horrific recessions. They’re almost never thought of as a target for ransomware, but new reports from several sources suggest that they should be. The new … Read more

MovoCash’s MovoChain Means Rapid Mobile Payments With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has always been stuck somewhere between genius and madness, with mainstream use looking a little less like an impossible fantasy with every passing day. In fact, we’ve recently landed word about a new move that could help advance cryptocurrency’s mainstream use: MovoChain, from MovoCash. MovoCash–the folks behind the MOVO mobile payments app and now … Read more

Mobile Payments Having a Tough Time at Vending Machines

On the surface, mobile payments and unattended retail—vending machines and the like—would seem to go hand-in-hand. Why not? No more people turned away because of lack of exact change or a dollar slot that just won’t take the bills you’ve got on hand. That’s not the case, however, as unattended retail isn’t moving into the … Read more

Proof of Stake Protocol Ouroboros Praos Accepted to Eurocrypt 2018

IOHK, a pioneering blockchain research and development company based in New York, announced that their latest research paper on Ouroboros Praos has been accepted to present at Eurocrypt 2018. This conference, taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, is highly regarded in the cryptography community, known for its stringent peer review process and low acceptance rate. … Read more

UnionPay: Mobile Payment Fraud On The Rise In China

It might sound breathtakingly obvious to those of use who have lived cheek and jowl with mobile payments for any length of time, but UnionPay recently released a survey that helped quantify our anecdotal truth: mobile payments technology in China has been on the rise, and so too has mobile payments fraud. Studying fully 105,000 … Read more

Indian Mobile Payments App Paytm Hits 100 Million Download Threshold

Just recently, Paytm—pretty much the biggest mobile payments tool in India—managed to land quite an achievement. It became the first mobile payments app in India to reach the 100 million downloads mark on the Google Play Store. It’s an industry first, actually, as no single app had ever reached that point in downloads to date. … Read more