Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024: What is it and Everything You Need to Know!

The Capital gains tax is known as a tax that is imposed on the profits that are  realized from the sales of assets like real estate, stocks, bonds as well as other investments. This is known as a tax which is applied to the difference between the purchase price of the asset as well as their selling price. When the individual sells the asset for an amount that is more than what they paid then the individual has a capital gain. Further, if the individual sells the asset at a price less than what the person paid for it then they have a capital loss. The capital gain tax is just applied to the capital gains and not to the overall amount that is received from the sales.

Investment in a house property is known as one of the most sought investments mainly  when an individual gets the opportunity to own a house. While other individuals may invest with the intention of earning more profit in the sale of the property in the future. It is significant to note that a house is categorized as a capital asset for the purposes of income tax.

Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024

Further, any losses or gains that are incurred from the sale of the property house are generally subjected to tax under the head Capital Gains. In a similar sense capital losses or gains could arise from selling different kinds of capital assets. This article will provide a detailed overview of the capital gains tax rate and all the latest information about the Capital Gains Tax.

What are Capital Assets

Buildings, land, vehicles, patents, house property, machinery, leasehold rights, and jewellery are a few examples of Capital Assets. This thus includes having rights in the Indian company or in relation to the Indian company. However, there are many things that don’t come under the category of Capital assets and thus no Capital Gains Tax is applied to them.  

  • Any consumables, raw materials, or stack materials that are held for the purpose of doing business are not classified as capital asset. Apart from this agricultural land in rural areas is not a capital asset.
  • Personal goods like furniture as well as clothes are held for personal usage.
  • If the individual has made a purchase of stock worth of $5000 in the month of May and then sold this in the month of December of the same year for $5500 then the short-term capital gain of $500 is made.
  • If the person is in the 22 percent tax bracket then they have to pay $110 of their $500 capital gains this will be leaving the person with a net gain of $390.
  • However, if the individual has held the stock for a long term and then sells it to earn $700 then it will be considered as a long-term capital gain.
  • Now in the above case individual will be paying $105 and see $595 worth of net profit.
Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024: What is it and Everything You Need to Know!

Long-term Capital Gains Tax and Short-term Capital Gains Tax 2024

The Capital gains taxes are mainly divided into two groups that are short-term and long-term which depend on how long the individual holds the asset. Short-term capital gain tax is known as a tax that is applied to the profits that are received by selling the asset the individual has held for less than a year. on the other hand, short-term capital gains are the taxes that are paid at a similar rate as the individual paid on their ordinary income like wages they receive from a job.

  • Long-time capital gains tax is applied to those assets which are held for more than a year.
  • The long-term capital gains tax is generally 0 percent, 20 percent, and 15 percent and mainly depends on the income of the individual.
  • These rates are much less than the ordinary rate of income tax.
  • Sales of real estate as well as other kinds of assets have certain from of capital gains and thus are governed by their own rules set.

Long-term Capital Gains Tax Rate 2024

The Capital Gains Tax did not go to any change under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of the year 2017, however, the income that was needed for qualifying for every bracket is raised every year to account for the raised income of the workers. Read the following table to learn more about the Capital Gains Tax 2024

Status of filing20 percent rate15 percent rate0 percent rate
SingleOver $518900$47026- $518900Up to $47025
Married filing jointlyOver $583750$94051- $583750Up to $94050
Married filing separatelyOver $291850$47026- $291850Up to $47025
Head of householdOver $551350$63001- $551350Up to $63000

For the tax year 2024, the individual files will not pay any type of Capital Gains Tax if the overall taxable income is $47025 or below it. This rate will rise to 15 percent on capital gains if the income is $47026 to $518900. If the income is more than this income level then the tax rate will increase to 20 percent. Apart from this, such capital gains can be subjected to the net investment income tax then an extra levy of 3.8 percent will be made if the income of the taxpayer is above a certain level.

Fact check Capital Gain Tax 2024

  • When the individual acquires an asset and sells them to make a profit the government of the United States of America looks at the gains as an income that is taxable.
  • The capital gain tax is calculated by considering the overall sales price of the asset and then deducting the original cost from it.
  • It is significant to note that the taxes are due only when the individual sells the asset and not when it is held.

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