Dash Forms Partnership with Wall of Coins

Dash is making headlines again as it becomes a major topic in the world of digital currencies. Recently, it’s been getting as much attention as bitcoin used to get. Dash is now challenging bitcoin and heating up the competition in digital payments. The company has teamed up with Wall of Coins, making it possible for … Read more

Payoneer Delivers Added Value For Business Platforms

Payoneer, known in the payments industry as an innovative cross-border payments company that is disrupting the status-quo regarding the way businesses pay and get paid on the global scale, announced recently that it is releasing its integrated Payments API. This API will make it easier than ever before for SaaS providers such as invoicing platforms, … Read more

The New Reality: How AR and VR are Transforming Payment Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are both making waves for retailers as a wholly new way for consumers and brands to interact virtually, which means that technology integration with payments functionality may not be far behind. According to Harvard Business Review, AR and VR technology companies have raised more than $650 million in equity … Read more

Olympic Travelers Be Warned: Rio Hackers Turn to Fake Wi-Fi Hotspots

There’s something of a growing development out there called “bleisure” that’s used to describe people who travel for business, but end up sticking around a little longer for vacation. With over 94 percent of companies in a Barclaycard survey saying they allow business travelers to put vacation time into play while in a destination, it’s … Read more

Drinks Anyone? DoorDash Steps Up its Delivery Options With A Key Addition

DoorDash had already made a name for itself as a food delivery app, but there was something missing, something important that the company recently moved to add as part of a pilot program in several California locations. Now, DoorDash doesn’t only deliver food from a mobile device, it also delivers alcohol. The pilot program in … Read more

Social Media Blockchain Steem Issues $1.3 Million Payout To Steemit Users

Steemit, the burgeoning social media platform, gave its users a big reason to celebrate this past Independence Day weekend with a special reward distribution. On July 4th, Steemit allocated digital currency payouts totaling approximately $1.3 million, which represents 10% of Steem’s current market cap, to its community of users. This distribution marked a significant milestone … Read more

Apple Pay Proves Unexpected Winner With Vending Machines

Granted, some vending machines offer a very smooth experience. Insert cash—it only takes one try sometimes, no frantically working the bill against the edge of the machine in order to straighten the bill—press buttons, get treat, get change where applicable. All very straightforward, all very simple. Sometimes it doesn’t go that right, however, and it’s … Read more

Beacons 101: What Smart Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Need to Know

Your brick-and-mortar business knows all about surviving. Now, it’s time to think about thriving. If you’re not familiar with beacon technology, you’re not alone. Beacons are an easy way for businesses to identify, track, and reward both nearby and in-store visitors — and they do it all via your customer’s favorite device: their smartphone. Beacons … Read more

IKEA Sets Up a New Checkout System Using Quick Response Codes

Sometimes, some advancements in mobile payments don’t really look like advancements so much as they look like cosmetic improvements over established technologies and principles. A recent move from IKEA might be considered such a cosmetic improvement, but its new mobile checkout system, which turns to quick response (QR) codes, might be a bit more innovative … Read more