Mobile Payments Provider Paysafe Group Takes a Gold Stevie Award for HR Achievement

September 26, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

We know that Paysafe Group has made a lot of advancements with its mobile payments operations, but most of us likely know less about its own inner workings as a business. Those seem to be well in hand, as it revealed recently, tipping us off about its win at the 2019 Stevie Awards for Great Employers in New York City.

Paysafe Group’s Canadian human resources (HR) unit took home a Gold award as part of the “HR Achievement in Benefits Design and Administration” category. Such an award puts Paysafe Group at the top of the heap for employee benefits, at least in this award’s purview. Paysafe took the award home thanks to a recently-developed modular benefits program, one designed to be more flexible overall and better in tune with the needs of the employee. Thanks to the program, there’s now much more choice in available medical and dental benefits.

The program was built on a new service provider’s capability, which extended to the use of mobile apps as well. Plus, the company also retooled the retirement plan to offer more options in investment and increasing the matching contribution as well. Further, the company included a variety of new options to improve overall employee experience, including a weekly running club and a monthly book club.

This isn’t the first time Paysafe Group has taken home awards on this front, either; it took home three awards at the Career Show Awards in Bulgaria, ranking in career development, recruitment innovation, and for being the country’s best overall employer.

It’s easy to wonder what this has to with mobile payments, but this is a payments provider that’s keeping a close connection to its employees. Such employees are less likely to experience burnout and thus let their performance slip. They’re better for the improvements, knowing the company cares enough about them to keep them on board instead of treating them as disposable cogs in a machine that’s already planning their replacements. That means better service for the end users as turnover doesn’t escalate and experienced staff stay in place.

Paysafe’s awards on this front help make it a better company, and allows it to better serve its customers. That’s good news for everyone involved, including the end user.