Duality Rolls Out SecurePlus Query System to Augment Mobile Payments Security

March 26, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments looks pretty simple at the end user level, but behind the scenes, there’s a whole lot going on designed to make that simplicity possible. Recently, Duality tipped us off about the release of its SecurePlus query system, a tool designed for the back end to help make that simplicity we see when we scan a code or tap a display possible.

The SecurePlus query system allows different businesses to query each others’ systems to gather data—which is vital for mobile payments operations among a host of others—without actually revealing any more data than is strictly necessary to carry out a function. This includes more meta-data functions like query parameters or search results.

The system works by allowing for SQL-style queries to be launched against databases run by third parties. The query process itself becomes encrypted, and in the process, creates a process that protects the data being accessed.

Such a platform is particularly useful when it comes to investigating cyber-crimes. It actually allows investigations to be launched and carried out, accessing data as required, but still keeping the data in question encrypted so as to remain protected while the investigation is going on. It even allows for faster responses to queries, which helps streamline investigations and get results faster. Projects can be controlled from start to finish, and several new management tools come along with the system to allow for query authorization, the establishment of approval processes, and more.

That combination should make Duality’s SecurePlus query system particularly valuable. Making queries faster while keeping data well-protected should be the kind of thing that most companies won’t readily turn away from. With security still at a premium in the mobile payments space, anything that augments security should draw more users in. Of course, the problem here is that this tool is very much behind the scenes, so it won’t exactly be visible to the end user. That lack of visibility will mean a greatly reduced effect on its ability to draw users.

Still, every little bit helps, and there’s no doubt Duality’s new tool will help provide that vital security. It will certainly help in investigations, and if the word gets out to the bad actors that they’re more likely to get caught, then that should improve security on its own.