Mobile Payments Provider Judopay Teams Up With Evarvest for Smoother Investments

March 9, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve mentioned more than once that Lithuania is making big advances in the mobile payments field, and with good reason. It’s launched a range of new platforms, it’s improved regulation, and its capital, Vilnius, has been aggressively working to make itself the post-Brexit London for the continent. Now, the folks at Judopay have tipped us off about one more move that’s giving Lithuania extra punch in the mobile payments sector thanks to a new teamup between Judopay and Evarvest.

If you’ve never heard of either firm, that’s okay; here’s a bit of background. Judopay is a mobile-first payment operation, and Evarvest is a new way to access the full range of stock markets worldwide. The two getting together helps ensure that users will be able to convert cash into investments, thanks to a smoother experience connecting a credit card to the operation, as well as, eventually, debit cards and mobile wallet systems like Apple Pay.

Such a move will free up development resources at Evarvest to augment its own material, including playlists for stocks that work similarly to Spotify, a built-in news feed, and other tools.

Judopay CEO Jeremy Nicholds noted “We’re delighted to be working with Evarvest. They share our passion for mobile by making it possible to invest in some of the world’s most recognizable brands. We will enhance the great work they’re already doing by offering their customers simply the best mobile payments experience.”

With so many different online investment tools out there, from the standards to the newcomers like Robinhood, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of room in the market for tools like Evarvest. But with so many already in the market, making a case for your own tool can be difficult. That’s where a connection with Judopay can come in handy; it makes the tool a little easier to use. Considering the sheer amount of red tape around investment platforms with Know Your Customer and various anti-terrorism / human trafficking / drug war whatevers involved, “easier to use” can get a lot of customer interest.

Such a move could prove welcome for Evarvest, especially since it’s planning to offer more tools in the process. Only time will tell just how well this works, but it’s certainly a good foundation to start from.