Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Taps Apple Pay as Preferred Mobile Payments Method

February 25, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

It’s not every day we hear about a major move in the mobile payments sector—when it comes to a mature market like mobile payments, major moves don’t come all that often—but there was one indeed made recently. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series recently dropped word our way that they’ve installed a new preferred payment method for all the events it stages in the United States, and that method of choice is none other than mobile payments leader Apple Pay.

For those not familiar, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is actually the world’s largest series devoted to running events. A subsidiary operation of the IRONMAN Group, this series features a range of running-related events that draw runners from all over the world.

The group brought in Apple Pay in large part due to its convenience. With Apple Pay in place, runners could leave behind most of their belongings—except for their smartphones and any wearable components they wish to include like an Apple Watch—and enjoy the pre-race festivities and events without having to account for all their belongings. The security and safety involved in using Apple Pay—developed over years of use and adjustment—didn’t hurt either.

Considering that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series often comes with not only a complementary expo, but also a post-race party event, that’s a lot of opportunities for vendors to connect with runners and anyone else who’s interested in running-related merchandise.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series director of North American operations Elizabeth O’Brien noted “We are continuously working to improve and better our experience, and one way is by making Apple Pay our preferred method of payment. Our goal is to provide a great experience for race participants, family and friends by giving them the ability to make a cashless transaction throughout the event weekend….”

The principle is certainly reasonable, and whatever gives the runners a better overall experience should go well not only for the vendors selling things to them, but also for the show itself. It’s likely to keep runners coming back in this way, and that’s a development that will help keep this event open and running for some time to come.

It’s really not surprising; we’ve already seen plenty of evidence that retail customers want to see more mobile payments options get involved in the mix, so there’s no reason that wouldn’t extend to running-related events as well. They’re just giving the runners what they want, after all, and in the end, what shoppers, runners, and many others want is more mobile payments access.