Emburse Rolls Out New Mobile Payments-Style Tools to Better Process Non-Employee Expenses

February 25, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

If you’ve ever had to travel for a job interview, or had to have people travel to interview for a job, then you’ve run into this particular issue first-hand. Reimbursing people for travel expenses isn’t hard when they work for you, but when they don’t, it’s a whole new problem. Trying to make the appropriate payment and get the cash to those needing it is a serious challenge, or at least it was, until Emburse tipped us off about a new means they’re offering to automate these expenses and get people paid faster.

The new automated system in question is known as Abacus Reach, and it reduces the problem of covering non-employees needing reimbursement down to a simple mobile app. Accessing the app is as simple as following the instructions sent in a company-branded email, which can be sent just as readily from the company involved. Plus, the app is set to work with a range of applicant tracking tools to better track who needs to get the relevant email.

Once that’s done, those who require reimbursement can submit receipts accordingly, and the normal processes can kick in from there. Even better, the Abacus Reach system can even work with Emburse cards, which are pre-paid cards that smooth the process down even further.

Some people tend to think of mobile payments as strictly a customer-facing operation, designed to smooth out retail processes. While this is certainly true, it’s not the only such application of mobile payments technology around. It also works well in getting people paid, a point that we’ve seen with things like PayPal and Square, and now with Emburse’s new tool. While the overall market for a tool like this may not be particularly large, it’s likely to prove welcome for its target market, who previously didn’t have too many options on hand to take care of issues like these.

It will be worth seeing how well Emburse’s new tool connects with businesses; it might be a real winner sales-wise, or businesses might let their inertia take the wheel and figure, why fix what isn’t really broken? Emburse has a solid value proposition with Abacus Reach, but only time will tell if it can make the necessary connections and make that value really shine through.