Paysafe Examines Role of 5G In Mobile Payments-Heavy Sports Betting Industry

February 13, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

Even those who casually follow technology know that 5G is going to be a landmark technology going forward. Connected from cars to houses, and a range of technologies in between, it’s going to improve the ability to communicate all around. Things that were never able to communicate before will be able to now, and that opens up a range of possibilities. Our friends out at Paysafe, meanwhile, sent us a study explaining the upcoming links between 5G, mobile payments and mobile sports betting, which are actually much more connected than some might expect.

Mobile payments have an excellent opportunity at being part of the growing sports betting concept, the Paysafe study found, as 37 percent of all bettors across all markets turned to mobile apps to place their bets. That beats the next closest competitor, PC-based tools, which came in at 31 percent. In-person betting, meanwhile, was a distant third at 26 percent.

Users overwhelmingly prefer the flexibility of apps—a point noted by 55 percent of bettors—and the positive quality experience the apps provide, noted by 53 percent.

With so many users therefore moving to mobile apps, having an infrastructure that can handle that kind of play is vital to ongoing efforts. 5G can help deliver that infrastructure, and give bettors access to not only the speedy connection they need to place bets in time, but also open up necessary information about the teams in play.

The long and the short of it here is, with users increasingly migrating to mobile devices for sports betting, and sports betting operations going increasingly mobile to accommodate that interest, the mobile infrastructure will need to keep up accordingly. With 5G, users will have faster connections, which makes the overall experience that much better, but that’s just a start. Users will also be able to turn to more sources of information, which as any fantasy football player will tell you, is crucial to making the best choices.

5G not only improves the bettors’ experience, but it also gives the house—whatever form it may take—access to new data collection abilities as well, making its own experience better. Therefore 5G is going to be a major advance in a lot of fields, and as the Paysafe research proves, will be likewise for sports betting as well.