Mobile Payments Banking Improves With New Bottomline Technologies System

August 6, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile banking can be a wonderful thing; after all, it turns a bank into a permanently-open operation on at least some level, and gives us all access to those vital banking functions we need when the physical banks themselves close. Yet as is the case with most things connected to our money and the internet, users are commonly terrified about issues of security. That’s a point not lost on Bottomline Technologies, who tipped us off about a new service it’s bringing out to help.

The new technology in question is called Digital Banking IQ, a set of tools designed to work together to produce a better, safer experience for the user base. It offers not only payments tools, but also cash management systems, fraud detection measures, and risk management systems. It allows for account opening via remote, and “relationship development” tools as well.

The Digital Banking IQ suite is specifically geared toward improving customer engagement and allowing banks to better track what customers are after in banking experience. It also offers some useful bolstering to the user interface, which is one of the biggest issues most mobile banking users face.

Norm DeLuca, Bottomline’s managing director for banking solutions, noted “Commercial banking customers are frustrated by unnecessary complexity, fragmentation and friction, and they value a partner that can provide a seamless, unified digital experience and has a rich understanding of their needs and interests. In an increasingly open and competitive marketplace, smart banks can win with integrated solutions that enable them to engage intelligently with customers and deepen and grow long-term relationships.”

It’s true that the better the experience, the better off bank customers are overall, and banks as well. Bank customers operating on their own need clear, sharp interfaces and well-protected systems. While they don’t necessarily want the bank branch to go away, the 9-5 bank just doesn’t work for a lot of people anymore. Mobile banking can fix that gap, at least somewhat, but the experience needs to be as useful and powerful as possible.

Tools like Bottomline’s can be a major step forward in providing that quality after-hours banking experience that many bank customers actually needed all along. Seeing the numbers on customer satisfaction after more banks put Bottomline tools in place will be welcome news.