Cumberland Farms Ramps Up Its Mobile Payments Connection

July 3, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

While Cumberland Farms—or Cumby’s, as it’s known sometimes—isn’t a nationwide household name in gas stations like some larger names are, it’s a big deal in the New England area including New York, with an odd outlying presence in Florida. If you’re familiar with Cumby, though, you’ll be happy to know some news it recently passed our way: it’s recently released a new loyalty app complete with mobile payments options that should put a little extra speed in your convenience store needs.

The Cumberland Farms app is actually a refinement of its SmartPay Check-Link program, which allows users to connect their app directly to a checking account or a Netspend account. With SmartPay Check-Link, customers can actually get their gas for $0.10 per gallon cheaper. That may not sound like much, but that’s a dollar off a 10-gallon fill-up, which can add up over time. In addition, a prepaid account option is also available that offers the same discount for the first 30 days of enrollment. It requires users to put $25 dollars in at any time, and there’s no word on if the discount goes beyond that 30-day mark.

That’s not where Cumby’s app stops, though; users can also get in on the Coffee Cup-Scription program, which acts as a subscription service for coffee at two cups per day for $25 per month, or about $0.40 per cup. A rewards program offers free stuff for each 60 gallons purchased, access to random savings throughout the year, and a free surprise on their birthday.

The Coffee Cup-Scription program really isn’t a game-changer at all—it’s basically just a rewards program slightly out of order—it’s still unusual, and it may be the kind of thing that catches on going forward. It also lends itself well to use in an app and with mobile payments tools, which is especially useful at a gas station. With the time approaching when we pay for our gas from our cars, having a proper app in place and ready to do the job is just smart business.

Cumby’s advances here are likely to prove welcome enough for frequent patrons, though how many new patrons will come out of this is unclear. Still, sometimes it’s worth it just to hold ground already taken.