Brightloom Steps Up Mobile Payments In Restaurants

July 24, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

The use of mobile payments tools in restaurants has become an increasingly present part of dining out. That’s not out of line; people like the notion of being able to pay for a meal when they’re ready to leave, not when the waitstaff is available to handle the job. To that end, Brightloom—formerly eatsa—has not only engaged in a bit of rebranding, but has also been offered a page straight out of Starbucks’ own book to help augment its offerings for restaurants.

The arrangement is somewhat unusual in its own right; Starbucks is giving Brightloom a software license to certain parts of Starbucks’ proprietary software, which Brightloom will subsequently incorporate into its own operations. Also, Starbucks will not only take an equity stake in Brightloom, but also a seat on its board of directors. Brightloom also recently closed at $30 million round of funding which featured some Starbucks licensees throwing in.

Brightloom CEO Adam Brotman expressed the belief that any restaurant should be able to bring out a platform for customers to make orders and the like. With Brightloom’s new developments in place, Brotman notes, this should democratize the process and make it much more available by making the tools required to do so available on a software-as-a-service basis.

Brightloom further noted “…The fact that we will now be combining our platform with the leading digital flywheel software in the world, Starbucks, perfectly positions us to offer the best-in-class solution to the industry.”

If this works the way Brightloom seems to think it will, this could be one impressive step forward for mobile payments in restaurants. Sure, we know we can order ahead from the Taco Bell app, or the McDonald’s app, or what have you, but eating at Joe’s is still a walk-in-and-order scenario. There are a host of mom-and-pop restaurants out there that could stand such an improvement, but not only couldn’t afford it, but also never knew how to get it started even if they could afford it.

By making the tools to offer a full digital experience not only commonly available but also affordable, Brightloom just increased the chances it will be selling shovels in the next big restaurant gold rush of online orders and the like.