Ciena Gives Banco Votorantim a Leg Up in Mobile Payments-Style Banking

June 24, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

For those not familiar with the Brazilian banking market, Banco Votorantim is the fifth largest private bank in Brazil, as measured by assets. That makes it a force to be reckoned with, and a move to step up mobile access for its customers—as well as improve its internal operations—should ultimately prove welcome. That’s why the recent word we got from Ciena is such a big deal, as Banco Votorantim recently got together with Ciena to bring a new transport network in play for a better cloud migration.

Ciena’s packet-optical platform, an industry leader, is poised to give Banco Votorantim a range of new options in terms of cloud operation. Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform gives Banco Votorantim access to Fibre Channel connectivity up to 32 gigabits per second (Gbps), and Ethernet connectivity up to 100 Gbps, all of it through a single, compact platform.

With the improvements comes a host of new benefits, including several customer-facing benefits. “Always-on” access to applications and data becomes a likelihood rather than a dream of the future, and the bank itself enjoys a larger capacity than it previously had—more users available at the same time—as well as reduced operational costs, which can in turn offer access to new perks for customers.

In fact, with the new Ciena network in place, the system will be ultimately able to support up to 16 terabits per second (Tbps) of traffic, which represents an advance that should be able to provide top-notch service for millions of customers. Just to round the whole thing out, Banco Votorantim also lands access to Ciena Services, a slate of tools designed to provide training and support for the bank.

By moving more of its operations to a cloud-based environment, Banco Votorantim has cleared the way for a major new mobile banking push. A cloud-based environment means that pretty much anyone with an internet connection—even a mobile one, and always assuming the right credentials—has access to the data in question. By stepping up its connectivity, it’s paving the way for larger numbers of users on hand at one time, which should make for a better user experience.

Mobile payments requires a certain amount of connectivity to make it happen to the fullest, and Banco Votorantim looks like they’ve paved that way quite effectively.