MyWallSt Rolls Out Rebranding, Focuses on Mobile Payments Style Investing

June 19, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Investing is not exactly what you’d call easy these days. Trying to figure out what to put cash behind is tough enough, but then trying to sort through the endless maze of options when it comes to actually doing the job is even worse. That’s before the whole concept of “know your customer” comes into play. However, we recently got word about a company that’s looking to make investing mobile payments-easy thanks to its newly-redesigned app and a bunch of new tools.

The app in question is MyWallSt, who recently launched a slate of redesigns. A new logo is in play, as are complete retoolings of their apps. A new website is also in play, making pretty much the whole thing brand-new from the ground up.

Founded in 2013, the app is designed to make for more successful investing by giving everybody a better opportunity to invest. With early backers including no less than famous investment news site The Motley Fool, the app has grown to reach over two million total downloads across its overall market of 100 countries total.

MyWallSt co-founder and CEO Emmet Savage noted “…(our new brand identity) represents the qualities that make MyWallSt different, namely the human-curated approach that we bring to picking stocks – there are no robos here and our success in hand-picking stocks speaks for itself. Since the start, our Stock of The Month selections are up 54 percent vs the S&P 500 up 28 percent in the same period.”

Making investment easier for the end user certainly has a great potential to draw in further investment, and by bringing it down to the level of a mobile app, the field doesn’t get much more democratized than that. However, there’s a problem here, as MyWallSt will have to compete with a range of competitors in the field like Robinhood and Stash, among plenty of others. The redesign MyWallSt has undergone could be some help on that front, but it may not be enough to break entrenched users out of their current app of choice.

Still, it’s made the attempt, and we’ll likely see how it turns out before too much longer has passed. With a slate of mobile apps out to make investing mobile payments-easy, the end result should feature more users getting in overall.