Mobile Payments and Android Q Beta 3 Had a Brief Tussle

May 13, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

It was likely a hair-raising experience for Android Q Beta 3 users recently, as those who were putting the beta release tool to use on their Android devices discovered that, at least for a while, Google Pay wasn’t working with the system. Most reckoned that the problem would be fixed within a comparatively short span of time, and indeed, the problem was righted around fairly quickly.

The word that emerged around this new development suggested that Beta 3 users were having a tough time with some basics like removing and re-adding a card, a common fix when glitches occur. One user attempting to do just that got a notification that his phone had been somehow “altered” and that Google Pay would not function as a result.

A separate user, who took his story to Reddit, noted an attempt to pass a SafetyNet test that failed miserably. Other users noted that their systems passed SafetyNet testing with little trouble, so it became fairly clear a glitch of some kind was in the works.

Sure enough, that’s about what it amounted to. Google, not surprisingly, caught the reports of this pretty quickly and moved just about as quickly to get a fix in play. Reports suggest that users who were having trouble need only clear their Play Store data and reboot the phone, and that should bring things back around.

Issues with products in beta are pretty much expected. Sure, they can be downright inconvenient, but it’s one of the drawbacks of getting access to a product before it’s fully released. There are inevitably problems with any beta release, some much worse than others. Still though, this one looks like it was fixed simply enough, and any fix now will help ensure that those who use the full version won’t have that problem.

Google does not need problems on its mobile payments front. With so many alternatives out there—even individual stores have their own mobile payments mechanisms!—it can easily be replaced and lose ground in the market it can’t easily recover. Still, Google’s quick action on this front likely saved it a lot of losses, and keeps Google Pay front and center for its users.