PrePay Solutions Gives Matalan First Ever Gift Card

April 9, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Matalan, the UK version of a TJ Maxx, announced that it will receive a gift card solution and a refund solution by way of PrePay Solutions. The gift card solution stands to create a solid foundation on which Matalan and PrePay Solutions can enhance the offerings into the future. This will also create a smoother experience for consumers that should work well for the retailer.

The refund solution will also lend help to making a smoother experience while also helping Matalan streamline its operations.

The main reason behind the partnership revolves around updating an out of date voucher system. This helps to eliminate much of the manual labor required to handle the paper vouchers that used to represent Matalan’s gift and refund options.

Ray Brash, CEO at PrePay Solutions, commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to power Matalan’s new gift card and refund card system, and believe this is a great leverage of our retail technology. It opens up a world of possibilities for Matalan, and I’m very proud of our team for putting in place such a strong roadmap for future development.”

Martin Donnelly, Senior Manager Retail Operations, Matalan, said: “Even though it’s a challenging time for the retail industry at the moment, the launch of Matalan’s gift card and refund card system in the UK shows that there’s still a strong demand for not only our own products, but retail as a whole. PPS’ solution is helping us increase our efficiency as well as our sales, all while delivering a retail experience that delights customers. And already there are some exciting future developments in the pipeline that we’ll be able to talk about soon.”

According to the release, this is the first time that Matalan and PrePay Solutions have partnered. The tandem seem to be making it work very well, and I’m interested to see what other plans they might have for the future.