Worldpay Payment Processing Certifies Apptizer Kiosk

April 8, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Apptizer has announced that it has partnered with Worldpay Integrated Payments and received certification for its Advanced Kiosk service.

Apptizer is an interesting service. The company (Apptizer Inc.) allows individuals the ability to order storefront tech for self-service mobile and kiosk implementations. The Advanced Kiosk service makes for real-time data syncs for kitchen displays and announcement systems. The purpose of the addition of Worldpay is to make the payment processing aspect go by smoother. The result would be smoother operations, faster service times, fewer errors, and increased sales.

“We are excited to partner with one of the most respected global payments providers ― Worldpay,” said Apptizer CEO Dinesh Saparamadu. “Apptizer Advance Kiosk customers can now enjoy a seamless and highly secure user experience that is second to none.”

“We are always seeking partners like Apptizer who bring innovation to businesses and consumers,” said Gary Schofield, head of partnerships for Worldpay Global Integrated Payments and SMB e-Commerce. “Apptizer’s strong order-ahead technology, combined with Worldpay’s superior security and payment processing technology, will give Apptizer Advance Kiosk customers industry leading capabilities.”

Apptizer helps small businesses gain more customers, long-term clients and, in the end, sales. By adding Worldpay to Apptizer, the utility is increased exponentially. Small businesses benefit based on the fact they don’t have the ability to run these operations more effectively on their own. Taking on this coupling will eliminate some of the hardship that comes with running certain establishments, such as restaurants.