ALTR Receives First PCI DSS Certification for Blockchain-Based Tech

April 4, 2019         By: Michael Millington

ALTR has announced today that its platform has received the “highest industry rating attainable for payment data security with Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification”. The company receives the rating from the PCI Security Standards Council, which is comprised of some of the biggest names in the payments industry today.

Another data security story from another provider, but this one is unique in what the provider deals in. ALTR, a company known for its focus on blockchain for cybersecurity, has a security platform with the ability to be added to existing business networks to provide as much security as is needed.

“As data breaches continue to threaten brands, reputations, and bottom lines in more sophisticated and malicious ways, PCI DSS compliance demonstrates that ALTR’s data-security platform is able to address risk in tight alignment with the most important aspects of payment-data protection, monitoring, and governance,” commented Richard Peters, principal at UHY. “ALTR’s seasoned, security-first minded team operates well above the certification bar making compliance a streamlined process for technology being certified for the first time.”

“With the ever-changing threats to data, we have an obligation to provide assurances that ALTR is a trusted partner in maintaining the highest standards of information security and integrity.” said Dave Sikora, CEO at ALTR. “Achievement of PCI certification underscores our technical and organizational commitment to the data privacy and security concerns of retailers, payment processors, and consumers.”

Being the first to do anything is a major honor no matter how you slice it. ALTR, being the first provider to be given this certification for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, are true innovators in the world of virtual security. Hopefully this will empower the company to do more in the name of keeping consumer finance secured and out of the hands of malicious types.