Worldline States Retailer Sales Multiply like Rabbits During Easter

April 1, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Move over Christmas, there’s a new wireless upstart holiday looking to take the throne. While not traditionally a cash grab holiday in the minds of a consumer, the numbers don’t lie about Easter. According to Roger Niederer, Chief Market Officer at Worldline, in many areas around the world, Easter is the second most influential for retailers as it accounts for just 20% fewer wireless payment transactions than Christmas.

Outside of being a big food holiday, there are also many other items purchased for Easter that people tend to overlook. Decorations, clothes, consumer electronics and seasonal gifts are all big draws for online Easter shopping. People also tend to travel much more during Easter as well, with online plane, train and hotel purchases seeing an increase.

Roger Niederer, Chief Market Officer at Worldline: “The proportion of online transactions before Easter is just as high as before Christmas. With the exception of a new phenomenon – at least in the German speaking area:  Black Friday boost online sales – a trend that has only recently hit continental Europe – with overall transactions soaring to 95.9% of an average Christmas Saturday.”

I sincerely doubt that Easter will ever overtake Christmas as the number one holiday for purchases, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that retailers cannot ignore Easter if they have been before. Making their online platforms available to consumers in a quick and seamless fashion will help retailers take advantage of this surge in e-commerce every year. It also goes to note the Thanksgiving, and more specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday, were not even mentioned in the conversation.

It’ll be interesting to see if the wireless purchase trend continues on a yearly basis for Easter, and how retailers choose to take advantage of this rapidly forming consumer habit.