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Paysafe Group Lands Mobile Payments Honors With Electronic Transactions Association

March 4, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments are not strictly a young person’s game. There’s a hefty contingent of the young involved in mobile payments, and we’ve seen as much with Paysafe sending word our way about two honors recently brought back to the company in the Electronic Transactions Association’s (ETA) “Forty Under 40” awards.

More specifically, the awards went to Paysafe’s vice president of group marketing services Melissa Pauleat, and its director of operations and complex services Jaredd Galloway. This is the second such win for Paysafe, reports note, as last year, during the inaugural installment of Forty Under 40 saw vice president of operations Kelby Berg take the honor home.

Pauleat landed the honor on the strength of better than 15 years of marketing experience, which saw her join Optimal Payments in 2015 and then manage the subsequent rebrand that turned it into Paysafe Group.  Additionally, Pauleat was one of 17 women named to the list this year.

Galloway, meanwhile, has been part of the payments market since 2002, and was part of the team at iPayment that landed the ETA 2018 “ISO of the Year” Star award. Since Paysafe acquired iPayment that same year, it’s a clear feather in Galloway’s cap.

It’s also worth noting that Paysafe had one other connected name in the Forty Under 40 stakes in Peter Christodoulo, who has been part of the board for just over a year now. He’s also been a decade-long partner with Francisco Partners, with a particular focus on payments technology and other fintech branches.

Paysafe is developing a trend of taking honors at these events, and that’s excellent news for Paysafe in general. The more honors it can bring home, the more gravitas it effectively takes on, and the more clients who might otherwise have passed on dealing with Paysafe come on board instead. Honors and awards tend to lend weight to a company’s business arguments, and with Paysafe turning into a warehouse for awards, it’s likely going to be able to use that as a little extra fulcrum to tip some who had been on the fence.

It’s not a magic bullet solution to improved profitability, but it very seldom hurts. Paysafe’s ongoing victories should prove welcome going forward, and should draw some interest in the process.