PALLET X Unveiled, Institutional-Grade Digital Asset Wallet

March 18, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Mobile wallets aren’t uncommon in this day and age. Almost every payments big shot and phone maker have their own version of a mobile cache for your credit and debit cards. One of the main issues that people have with making their payment information digital is security. Penta Security is looking to keep your digital information safe with their new wallet offering, PALLET X.

Coming from a digital security provider, you can assume that the wallet would be safe. PALLET X goes a step beyond in order to ensure your digital currency is protected from outside intruders. The tech is created by Korea’s leading security experts with an astonishing 20 years of crypto experience.

Chief Strategy Officer, DS Kim stated, “With global IT giants accelerating blockchain adoption, we expect growing demand for enterprise-ready security solutions. As a recognized leader in encryption and as Asia’s top cybersecurity vendor, we embrace this momentum by launching our wallet security platform that stands out for providing total security across operational environments, from client to server.”

Penta Security also provides a multitude of other security offerings, creating a secure interconnection between various forms of your digital financial footprint. With all of the PALLET line of products having the same technological foundation (Penta Crypto Wallet Framework), your digital currency, along with your other electronic payments methods, will be kept safe.

You can add this to the list of innovations and motions companies are making to reassure consumers that they can make purchases in peace. Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a method of making purchases through online and wireless means. Now you can keep your digital currency on you at all time without fearing your funds or information falling into the wrong hands.