Ordering Fast Food Online Becomes More Accessible…for Merchants

March 18, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Many people know about Seamless. It’s a service that allows you the ability to order fast food through delivery, especially convenient for places that don’t naturally offer delivery. What many people don’t know is that Seamless has been around since 1999. The concept of delivering fast food has been around for the longest time, but has become a staple of the food industry only recently. So it’s not a surprise that Casio is looking to help fast food providers deliver their own unique offering, food and brand wise.

Partnering with PaymentSense and Preoday, Casio’s new product allows for fast food providers to keep more of the money they make instead of paying it out to third party delivery services. Brand loyalty will increase as the service exposes consumers directly to who they’re ordering food from. Finally, this will grant fast food providers with the ability to monitor consumer ordering habits, allowing them to better influence their profit margins.

Scott Grant, Systems Divisional Manager, UK at Casio, said: “Online and mobile ordering is growing at a phenomenal pace with greater numbers of consumers wanting to enjoy their favourite food in the comfort of their own home. Independent operators are well-placed to tap into this demand through their loyal customer base, but need to have an integrated technology solution that works seamlessly for their business and drives sales.

“At Casio we are dedicated to ensuring the technology at the heart of an operator’s business puts them on the road to success. Through our partnership with Paymentsense and Preoday we believe this new all-in-one solution offers multiple benefits from building brand loyalty, analysing valuable customer data and protecting profit margins.”

Casio has been involved in hospitality for some time, and this new offering will give independent fast food providers the leg up they need to compete for a piece of the online ordering pie.