Quiktract Release First Contract & Payment App Targeting

March 15, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Long term contracts tend to put fear into consumers who shy away from financial commitment. Verbal contracts aren’t very concrete and don’t provide a lot of security for consumer or provider. Quiktract looks to bring some conformity to the act of purchasing services on the fly. The new app allows service providers and service buyers the ability to make legally binding contracts on their mobile device. The app also helps with payments towards the end of the contract.

With the gig economy flourishing in recent memory, more people are looking to freelance work to get things done. It’s been a wildly convenient way to add more hours to your day while avoiding the typical boring interactions that accompany contract work. However, the freelance community has often lacked the ability to support their work, payment options, and their use of time with binding contracts.

With the Quiktract app, gig enthusiasts can create contracts for just about any contract work. Draw up a contract for your babysitter. Work out terms with your landscaper. Keep the paperwork for your dog sitter. Gig providers can keep track of their contracts as well, providing a sense of job security not formally known in this line of work.

“Three quarters of Americans are part of the gig economy whether they consciously realize it or not. Consistently, more and more individuals are working with another individual to meet their service needs,” says Lee Midkiff, Quiktract CEO. “Despite these trends, individuals aren’t getting the details in writing – even if just on the back of the proverbial napkin. Quiktract makes it easy to get it in writing with simple-to-use, convenient technology.”

With Quiktract, the gig economy now has a mobile method of keeping binding paperwork for the jobs done.