Entersekt Survey Reveals We All Want More Security in Our Mobile Transactions

March 12, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Security has been a matter of contention in recent memory. Companies are constantly straddling the line between too much and too little, not knowing what is the right amount in regards to personal space and information. Today, a survey from Entersekt conducted by The Harris Poll shows that 90% of Americans polled would like to have some sort of extra protection added to their mobile purchases.

As we have seen in previous happenings throughout the US and abroad, security breaches and identity theft have been prominent news. It seems like we hear of a new breach every month. What’s even more distressing is the timing of these announcements, oftentimes coming well after the attack has happened. Entersekt has taken the time to compile this information to make real the needs of the average mobile consumer.

“Entersekt has a decade’s experience in parts of the world where multi-factor authentication is much more widely used than here in the United States, and it has shown us that consumers value the sense of control they gain from being involved in their own security,” said Dewald Nolte, chief commercial officer of Entersekt. “The key is to provide authentication that is quick and easy to execute and does not detract from the overall mobile experience.”

As Dewald points out, bridging the gap between heightened mobile security and a smooth, seamless mobile experience, might be a bit difficult. While consumers are now beginning to learn about the different forms of available security, newer forms of security continue to pop up, such as the now frequent use of biometrics. However, while the use of retinal scan, facial scan and fingerprint ID has been implemented in most mobile phones the nation over, the survey states that most people don’t think much on the biometric aspect of security.

Hopefully this survey will help to concoct newer forms of mobile security we can use.