Cardknox Payment Gateway Receives Extra Security Thanks to Bluefin

March 12, 2019         By: Michael Millington

It’s a match made in payments security heaven. Payments provider Cardknox teams with Bluefin to utilize their PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) as an added level of security to their omni-channel payment processing.

Cardknox, which specializes in providing payment solutions for businesses and merchants whether physically or digitally, helps a multitude of merchants in various service areas take payments from consumers. Their payments platform has been a basis for retail, restaurant, grocery merchants and more. The partnership with Bluefin shows how much the recent rash of security breaches has impacted their prioritization of payments security.

Yanky Weiss, CEO of Cardknox, stated, “Bluefin is the industry leader and forerunner when it comes to providing P2PE-certified solutions, and it’s a privilege for us to partner with them and witness their innovation and expertise first-hand. This valuable partnership makes us one of the first payment gateways on the market to offer support for a wide variety of P2PE-certified solutions, and we look forward to seeing our clients benefit from Bluefin’s incredible technology.”

Bluefin focuses on securing plastic transactions, whether by debit or credit, through their PCI-Validated P2PE tech. It allows valuable information to be secured against data theft. Even the decryption happens in an offsite Bluefin site.

“2018 closed out with 1,200 data breaches in the U.S. and a record-setting 450 million consumer records compromised,” said Greg Cornwell, head of global sales for Bluefin. “Fraudsters do not discriminate between industries – they go for the lowest-hanging fruit, whether that is hacking into a small business or compromising a major retailer through a third party. The breaches of 2018 demonstrate that it is crucial for companies of all sizes to employ security technologies, such as P2PE, that devalue the data.”

The coupling of Bluefin and Cardknox can help to put merchants at ease when accepting payments from consumers. Last year was a crazy time for security, but it’s nice to see those that can do something about it…doing something about it.