International Payments Provider Eckoh Receives Two New US Patents

March 11, 2019         By: Michael Millington

Eckoh, a worldwide payment product provider with an eye towards security, has been notified of two patents pending in the US being granted.

One patent that Eckoh will have validated is for their secure proxy tech. This helps a company keep its IT processes in tact without maintaining any Personally Identifiable Information. This speaks to the emphasis Eckoh puts on security when creating their products. The company currently holds a patent for this technology in the UK.

Instead of having their personal information used while in contact with other entities, placeholder information will be used to protect users from common threats like identity theft and more. This can also mitigate the chances of wide scale data breaches, since the placeholder information cannot be reverse engineered to reveal the original information. Even if there was a breach of information, any information gathered would be rendered useless due to the secure proxy tech.

The other patent tackles the introduction of a tech innovation entitled “Session Handoff”, which allows for remote control of a user’s browser experience for a multitude of reasons. The interaction given in the release was that of a personal shopper experience, which is innovative enough when you consider the utility that can occur while browsing online and having access to an online entity that can help you at any juncture.

It is important to note that the online agent would relinquish control before payment is processed, allowing your personal payment information to remain secure.

“Both of these patents are groundbreaking innovations.” said Cameron Ross, Eckoh’s Director of Payments Strategy. “The US grant on our secure proxy technology further protects our revenue streams for our CallGuard and ChatGuard solutions and provides new opportunities to grow our business and bring greater security to contact centre payments. Whilst the patent for ‘Session Handoff’ is a brand new approach to delivering market-leading personalised customer engagement that fits perfectly into our Omnichannel engagement strategy.”

Hopefully this international payments provider ushers in newer method of protecting both buyers and sellers at the point of sale going forward. Eckoh has been a trusted name for many years, and it looks to continue the trend with its latest patents.