FreedomPay Adds Verifone Alum to Speed Up Mobile Payments Adoption

February 28, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Today was a surprisingly big day for corporate roster moves in the mobile payments sector, as FreedomPay tipped us off about its latest even as Splitit did likewise only a couple hours later. FreedomPay brought in former Verifone staffer John Mansfield, and charged him with leading the way in enterprise merchant category growth worldwide, including building new partnerships with FreedomPay’s commerce platform.

Mansfield is being handed one major job, with the task to improve revenue growth across a range of sectors, including quick-service restaurants (QSRs), healthcare, gaming, both attended and unattended retail, and even banking, just to name a few. Mansfield will be operating out of FreedomPay’s Philadelphia headquarters.

While at Verifone, however, Mansfield built an impressive pedigree; he was formerly vice president and general manager of the North American territory. He’s also considered expert in just about every form of commerce there is, and has a surprising range of specializations, including many of the areas that FreedomPay has tasked him with developing. He has the industry’s respect, which isn’t easy to get across that broad a field, and plans to aggressively introduce the “unmatched” FreedomPay solutions worldwide.

Speaking about his new position, Mansfield noted “I am delighted to be joining a strong team who has pioneered the art of “solutioning” on behalf of merchants while the broader industry is still “selling”. I have always admired FreedomPay’s model that listens to what the markets need on both the merchant and customer side, and I look forward to further strengthening our business strategy, sales and creating valuable relationships.”

There’s no doubt that Mansfield has a lot of skill and expertise on his side, and that should give FreedomPay a real edge as it looks to break out and expand its line of offerings. The downside here, however, is that Mansfield’s experience seems largely limited to North America, and that could be a real problem in expanding outward into various cultures. If all he’s missing is the cultural perspective, though, this shouldn’t be a problem; he’ll likely have local staff to connect with to fill in that comparatively small gap.

Only time will tell how well Mansfield does going forward, but there’s every indication that this will go well not only for him, but for FreedomPay in general.