Dunkin’ Donuts Steps Up Its Mobile Payments, Delivery Connections

February 12, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

America runs on Dunkin’, so the familiar refrain goes. Whether you can’t start your morning without some sugar and coffee, or the afternoon just doesn’t go so well without a frozen coffee drink and another donut, a lot of people call on Dunkin’ to recharge the day for them. Now, with its espresso lineup coming back, and fourth quarter 2018 revenues a bit on the slack side, the end result is some changes ahead for Dunkin’.

It wasn’t all bad news for Dunkin’, reports noted. Systemwide, sales were up three percent, but comp store sales were flat. Bringing back espresso may have had some impact there, but Dunkin’s doubling down on the espresso by connecting to Grubhub. Grubhub is currently number one in the delivery space, according to Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffman, and that could make for a big deal here. Dunkin’s starting the new connection small with a pilot program, but will likely expand it if the pilot doesn’t show serious issues.

Moreover, Dunkin’s already stepped up its app presence, too. It’s done two complete refreshes in the last year, and means to make its on-the-go ordering platform even more user-friendly than it already is. With mobile orders representing just three percent of transactions, it’s clear there’s room to expand on this front. Dunkin’s recent acquisition of CardFree will likely play into this as well, helping Dunkin’ get more innovations into play faster and giving it a better market presence.

Dunkin’ actively working to improve itself isn’t out of line at all. It’s even better that Dunkin’ was never really that bad to begin with, so its improvements will make a good thing even better. It seems to understand many of the issues in the digital space, which is great, and it’s trying to give its customers a better experience. While Dunkin’ doesn’t exactly have a lot of competition in the breakfast space—even less in the donut space—it’s still working to distinguish itself and that’s really only good for its customers.

Whether you use mobile payments with Dunkin’ Donuts or not, the end result here will likely only be the same. Dunkin’ is better than ever, and seems only to be improving from here. Tomorrow’s Dunkin’ should be even better than today’s.