2Checkout Reveals Big Digital Goods Surge in Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopping

December 13, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

They’re two of the biggest days in the shopping pantheon, and they’ve made the jump to worldwide status. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the United States’ latest exports, and new reports sent our way from 2Checkout indicate that they’re pretty popular, especially as far as digital goods go.

The word from 2Checkout—which represents a major force in all-in-one monetization operations, and makes it a significant mobile payments connection—revealed that the online goods sold through their platform were up 37 percent over a typical day in November. This includes such things as software purchases, online services, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) operations.

The US turned in the highest volumes for such sales overall during the period in question, which isn’t much of a surprise given that it also boasts the highest software and sales quantities overall. This means that it didn’t actually see much of a bump in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period, but mainly because it was already working at pretty much a plateau. Germany actually turned in the biggest jump in that time frame, with a 51 percent increase over normal sales. Canada wasn’t far behind at 49 percent, and Spain saw a jump of 48 percent for the Thanksgiving period. Cyber Monday, meanwhile, flipped the script almost entirely, with Germany posting the third highest gains over normal at 66 percent, Italy the second highest at 77 percent, and Spain blowing the field away at 80 percent.

It could be considered unnecessarily Americentric to say that people are taking Black Friday and Cyber Monday to heart, but they are most certainly taking advantage of the deals contained therein. The numbers make that point clear, and as far as those downloading the software are concerned, they likely don’t care if they’re getting a Black Friday discount, a Mauve Friday discount, or a Giraffe Commemoration Friday discount. And two of those days don’t even exist.

Still, the traditional post-Thanksgiving deals have likely made a lot of shoppers take notice. Cost savings have a way of doing exactly that. Yet, even by just enjoying the discounts, they’re enjoying an American holiday right alongside the rest of us. And that’s a benefit for mobile payments no matter how you look at it.