FanDragon Technologies: Mobile Payments a Growing Part of Live Events

October 28, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments has been in some rocky ground of late, with the eternal bugaboo of security rearing its head once more and troubles with use cases starting to crop up as people begin to wonder where—outside of Starbucks—they can actually use mobile payments. A new report sent our way from the folks at FanDragon Technologies, meanwhile, revealed that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and that people—millennials especially—are finding a big new win for mobile payments at live events.

The Fan Experience Index from FanDragon, a 52-page report that covers what’s going on in the live events field, reveals that nearly three out of four respondents in an accompanying study have used mobile payments at a live event. That’s actually one of the lesser uses for a mobile device behind making posts to social media (nearly all respondents did this) and scanning tickets, which just over 75 percent did.

Mobile payments connections pervade live events, coming in at multiple points of access. Both millennials—84 percent—and Baby Boomers at 69 percent were heavily in favor of using mobile devices to access tickets. What’s more, 78 percent of millennials used mobile payments at events themselves, with even the somewhat recalcitrant Boomers coming in at 61 percent.

Mobile payments use also isn’t limited by geography. In all four studied regions—West, South, Northeast and Midwest—the percentages of use were nearly identical at a shade under 75 percent. Only the South showed any real deviation, and it wasn’t more than a percentage point or two based on a presented chart.

Between the tickets, and the ability to buy concessions, souvenirs, and similar items during the game, mobile payments make sense. Being able to pull a step out of the whole process—waiting in line to pay—makes for better results for the attendees and vendors alike. That improves customer experience and makes the experience more satisfactory overall. Given the increasing prices of live events, this only makes sense; if people weren’t having a good time, the venue operators couldn’t very well charge more for a ticket.

Mobile payments and live events are increasingly making a connection. This should be welcome news, especially for millennials, who liked mobile payments to begin with but will only like them more as part of an experience.