Certify Keeps Its Mobile Payments-Based Expansion Going With Datel Partnership

January 8, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve heard more than a little out of Certify in the last few months, as this expense management tool helps us keep our mobile payments spending on track, especially in business settings. Recently, it dropped word our way about a new partnership with Datel, the UK’s largest Sage Business Partner. Such a move will help drive further use of Certify, contributing to its rapid growth in the European market.

Certify was already pretty well-known throughout the field for its expense management systems, as well as its travel operations, both of which have very close connections to the mobile payments market. We saw only recently how consumers are using mobile payments more and more to book travel opportunities, so the move will likely prove useful for Datel.

Datel, meanwhile, is not only the largest Sage Business Partner around, but it also offers a means to “empower…the aspirations of businesses through the innovative use of technology…”. Datel is poised to bring the Certify solution to its own UK employees, and for anyone using the Sage 200, Sage 1000, Sage Line 500, and Sage x3 lineup as well. With this, those customers will be able to put a new means to get access to real-time data to work.

Datel finance director Nick Swarbrick noted “We are delighted to have partnered with Certify, who are part of Sage’s ISV program. Our previous expense management process was manual and very time consuming for users. With the help of Certify we are now able to offer a fully automated and web-enabled system.”

Granted, for most mobile payments users, this won’t have a lot of impact. We don’t need a lot in the way of expense management tools unless we’re running a small business or we’re super devoted to budgeting. But for those who are running businesses, managing expenses is vital to overall operations. With more businesses making the leap into mobile payments, a way to manage those expenses that can be just as mobile should likewise be helpful here.

Certify has already delivered a lot of value for its users; the new connection to Datel should only help drive more use of Certify systems.